Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wichita Falls Shower... Round Two...

Ok... since I was HOSPITALIZED and missed my shower.. we are having a party to celebrate his arrival!

Spread the news!  Hope to see you there!

{Special thanks to Aunti's Nichole, Brittani, and Tiffany for all their planning and hard work... I hope to repay them one day for it all}

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2 Weeks Old...

Can't believe that 2 weeks have passed already!

We had our first doctor's appt today... he did good.  Dr. Ayer is out on vacation, so we saw doctor Kadakol.  He weighs a whopping 7lbs 8oz and is 20 1/2" long.  He pooped THREE times while we were there.... he does NOT like diaper changes, so needless to say, he was screaming and crying alot.... and this was BEFORE he got his heel pricked for his blood tests!

This is what he is doing right now... as I type...  he has changed alot in his two weeks in the world.. i think his little face is even different!

Ok.. off to feeding, changing, and napping!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Ok, so I havn't been the best photographer.... blame it on no sleep and efforts to make tasks quick... 

Here are some pics. 
At the hospital, day 2 - he scratched his face all up.  I didn't want to wrap his hands up, cause he made himself happy by putting them in his mouth...

Day 1 at home.  Little band-aids on his hands from tests at the hosp. We like his red hat.

Silly face #1

Silly face #2

Hat from Aunti Brooke. Silly face #3. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sappy Sad Sack....

Still no pictures to post.... I KNOW... yell at me how ever much you want.... I am lucky to get MAYBE one or two things done a day other than feeding, pumping, diapering, soothing, napping (mama's naps)....

Just trust me that he IS super cute.  Maybe at the two week mark I'll start to have more things done.

So the title of today's post is in relation to mama... I'm now a sappy sad sack....  I just thought I was super independent and strong and organized... well, I'm still organized....  All of a sudden in crying all the time because I just want to eat dinner with my husband, maybe go to bed a the same time, or be awake at the same time perhaps... I feel guilty for wishing we could have our own routine back, I didn't realize how much I needed to spend time with him - I knew I was kinda clingy and I knew he balanced out my crazy, but I didn't know that I'd fall apart without that time with him.

I know as time goes {we are only entering week 2, geez} thing will be calmer.  Chaos just isn't part of my DNA, I can deal with spontaneity to some degree, but everyday being different is tough.  I try to look at the day before to see how the current will go... and he's never the same... this is difficult.


He's so funny, so cute, and so sweet.  He makes the funniest faces!

Pictures will come... I promise... like I said before, check out Ryan's facebook, he has more time than me to do pictures.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

We're Home..

We got home from the hospital yesterday evening.... Whew!!

I had to stay some extra time because my blood pressure just isn't where Dr W would like to see it.  I am back on the blood pressure meds.... but thats ok by me.

I'm sorry I haven't posted any pictures or stories yet....  I am just really a hot mess on the inside right now.

Labor and delivery was surprisingly fast and furious....  contractions are the worst pain I have ....ever..... felt.... in... my... life.....  Callen pushed a little hard on the 'ole cervix when I was getting my induction drugs through IV... and broke my water.... he was ready to come out....  the contraction came SO FAST and SO HARD... one more horrible than the last.... thank goodness the anesthesiologist was quick to get to me... I honestly don't think I would have come out alive {super dramatic.. I know... but this is how I felt}.... he was here in twenty min's of pushing... crazy....I KNOW.... minimals damage to mom... I already feel great {blood pressure and hormones aside}.....

Outside I'm looking all put together and all that... but on the inside... I am still a new first time new mom with the cutest, sweetest baby in the world... We'll make it, of this I am sure, but I still get all discombobulated a lot.....

This may be it for a while.. if any of you are friends with Ryan on facebook, there are pictures!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Having a Baby TODAY!.... WHOA.....

So.... its 4 {ish} am...... I'm awake.... crazy enough, that alone....

I'm being induced in... oh, say..... less than 2 hours.... I still have to feed, bathe, and pack the Jeep.... Ryan's sleeping nicely in our warm bed {he's a good sleeper - we'll see tonite if Callen inherited this}, as are my house guest - Aunt Lindsay, Uncle Matt, and Mimi.  

I havn't slept a full night in like 5 days... all kinds of reasons.... we'll talk about this evening in particular...

It all started.... {9 mths ago... no, just kidding}.....  with a day full of activity, doctor's appt's and incoming travelers.  Lindsay and Matt have been here since Friday, I havn't been doing my share of "bedrest" since then... don't know how I thought I would.  Today I had my last Sono with Jenny and my last appt with Dr.W then a "pre-admit" with the hospital {never heard of that until last week}.  Sono was great, Jenny estimated that Callen will be 6 lbs even... and she wants to know when he's born how close she got.  Dr. W says I'm a "good 3 cm" dilated  and 90-100% effaced.... {yeah, i'm headed downhill!}... then she does some gross things {i'll spare you}... then she says, "let's hope you make it to tomorrow morning."  Wow, great thing to tell a person like me.. whatev's....  Pre-Admit and the hops was pretty un-eventful, they take MORE tubes of blood.. like 7 MORE... whatev's.

Then... "huum... I'm feeling kinda crampy..." {this is my brain talking to me} "Whatev's... what's for dinner? wonder where Ryan and Matt are?  What else do I need to get packed? Man, AM I looking forward to an evening on the sofa watching tv!"

I guess the gross things she did started contractions, pretty good ones, pretty regular ones.  Needless to say, I was grumpy and uncomfortable all evening {although I ordered a chocolate shake from Chili's to make it better}.

Anyone knows Ryan, knows that 'grumpy' is not his favorite of my moods... I've been pretty upbeat this whole pregnancy with a good sense of humor.. but having a house full of people and crampy contractions ain't funny business...

No sofa and tv for me all night, just a little... I was too worried over getting everything packed and making sure Ryan knew, grumpy or not, this is IT.  I decided to stop paying attention to contractions and go to bed... I did get 2 +/- hrs of sleep, in between crampy-ness, but then.. here I am.... on the computer...

But it is nice to have some time to myself before all this chaos hits.

We'll keep you updated! Ryan's gonna facebook it!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Need a New Water Heater.....

So... we live in this old house... not so old that it's full of charm and has been updated... nope... like 70's old...

We need a new water heater.... not a Hot Water Heater... {you see, why would one HEAT hot water}, just a Water Heater... {I need to heat cold water}

The one I have is pretty old.... It's energy guide sticker is dated 1994... it still makes hot water... good hot water... and usually enough... no complaints there... BUT it's brown... yeah... brown hot water... yuck... it stains my clothes in the washing machine... it stains my grout... its gross...

Can you imagine me giving my new baby a bath in his cute little froggy bathtub... with brown water???

Anyway, I've been getting quotes today...  not too much a shock, I know when you enlist professional services {instead of your daddy - which sucks for me, that I cannot}... it can be expensive - I understand, I am a licensed professional now, I would want to get paid for my services to.  Right now, we are looking at anywhere between $700 - $850, depending on who I go with.  Ok... I'm a good financial planner I can make it work if I need too... who cares that I have hospital bills already and am about to give birth next week, right?!?

This is where my fear is....  this service requires the plumber to pull a permit and have it inspected.... did I mention that my house is 70's old?  The cost for parts to "bring the installation to code" are not included in a quote... understandably....  I work in an industry where you have to "C.Y.A" and always say that 'extras' are 'extra' or you get walked all over...

This could be scary... this could  be bad.... there could be lots of EXTRAS

I typically don't let professionals into my home to see how we "fix" things...  who I am kidding, I typically don't let many people in my house at all... I'm a Registered Interior Designer, and my house... lets just say, "needed updating".....

What if someone from the city comes in and sees other things.... oh like how my furnace is taped up with "silver tape" {we did not do this}... they are in the same room....

This could be embarrassing... I have a state license myself... I deal with Wichita Falls City Officials for work...

I guess I have to decide... Brown Water?  OR City Officials in my old house?

Friday, December 3, 2010

For the Travelers....

I've been making some calls, to those of you who asked to be notified when Callen is on the way, 'cause you might want to make a trip.... I haven't got a hold of everyone yet... but I keep forgetting to mention what the hospital's policy is on visitor's in the Labor & Delivery rooms.  This might be helpful to your plan making..

Anyway... while we are in Labor & Delivery I can only have three people in the room at a time, as support persons for delivery.  To tell the truth, this is going to be a gross and uncomfortable time for me, so I'd prefer not to have an audience.  I get these tags to give out to the three, two of the spots are taken by Ryan and Jane... If Lindsay can make it on time, she'll probably be the third - she may share her spot and let people float in and out, as long as there is nothing gross going on - if not, there will be a floater spot open.  Ryan is going to be the gateway for visitors and most likely the keeper of my phone.

Once we have him, a couple of hours later, we'll be moved over to Postpartum, where anyone can come and go from 9 am to 9 pm, with a break from 1 pm to 3 pm, and of course we'll be there for a day or two.

Moral of the story is, no one has to rush up to be here first thing on the 14th, cause you'll be stuck in the waiting area... and we all know how boring that can be...

As long as no one is sick, everyone is welcome to come see us whenever.  You know where I'll be!

Hospital Info:
United Regional
1617 11th St Wichita Falls, Texas
Bridwell Tower, 4th Floor

My Address:
4351 Boren Ave
Wichita Falls, Texas 76308

We are ON the Calendar!

Visit with the doctor went well yesterday... except for the wait... some days are just hectic around there.  But, hey, what the hell else do I have to do all day... these are my outings {except for when I snuck out to Target, shhh}.

My blood pressures have been great, was even within normal range when Rene {my nurse} took it... this was new... I felt like there should have been some balloons dropping... like I accomplished something... by doing NOTHING! What a novel concept...

Anyway.... Dr Winfrey was excited by all this and says...  "Welp, how does the 14th sound to you?  That's the day you turn 37 weeks, and there's not need to continue risk and continue blood pressure medication if he's term."  This is my ONE chance to choose what I want in my life {instead of being victim to it} and I freeze... "Uumm... Ok, I'm not doing anything any day anyway" I say, "Wait, what day of the week is that? What day of the week is TODAY? Should I check with the girls? Maybe I need to call Jane?"  Ryan says, "Is that a good day for Callen and is that a good day for YOU {to Dr W}?"  She says he's term and its a good day for him.

OK!  December 14th it is!

Now, whether he's born on THAT day or the NEXT remains to be seen.

Anyone feel free to call me if you want to know about the hospital's visitation policy or the DeWitt visitation policy {as if I had one}.

Luv you all!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nursery!! We are READY for Callen!

We've been trying to get the nursery in order, to get ready for Callen Jax...  Here are the pics!
View from the entrance.  Daddy & Uncle Lance put up a new ceiling fan. I don't like overhead lights, so you'll notice it's not on, but the grapevine lamp right by the crib along with the lamp in the corner are great. There are also empty frames on the back wall, waiting for some custom artwork.

This is our busy, busy wall.  We painted the light blue and orange.  The rest are vinyl decals Mimi bought for us.  You can see the owls Aunti Brittani made on the shelves... they are hanging out together. 

Here's the crib.... I hope to be able to put wooden letters on this wall.  Now that the decals are up, I think I'll just do his name, instead of the whole alphabet.  

New closet doors and shelf above.  Breakables and softies go up there for now. 

This is proof that we are taking measures to keep the animals out of the room when we are not in the nursery.  We use one at the kitchen door for when we want to keep the dogs at bay... it works great.  The cats are even confused by them.  They just sit and stretch their paws through the bars like they are in jail!

I'm a labeling fool..... I told you when I got the Post-It label roll I WOULD USE IT!

This is where diapers, wipes, and heath items will be homed - when my stash of diapers isn't so large.  See below...

Inside the closet.... I've tried to organize and label to the best of my ability.. but I still find myself moving things around and shifting "categories."  I'm sure I will continue to do this for a while.  {See the diaper stash?  I've counted.... I have about 580 newborn diapers and about 200 size 1 or 2.  From what I understand and can calculate, this will get me through a couple months.}

Ok, this is my SassyAss Sateen - love her to pieces.  This is her chair.  She has yet to realize that it has been relocated from the living room to the nursery.  I acquired this from Amanda Prindle a few years back.  It's a tiny, made perfect for me, rocking chair.  It has about 5 layers of paint {lead paint no doubt} on it - so it will only be in the nursery until Callen starts to move around and play in there, don't want him getting paint in his mouth.  Ryan says that it can only stay in the nursery IF i make cushions for it, so the fabrics that you see draped over it, under Sateen, are what  I'm thinking about using.  And before you ask about how she made it through the gate at the door, don't worry, she was granted permission because I was in there playing.

I snuck out and went to Target shopping.  I felt kinda cheated out of being able to buy things for MY OWN baby!  All along in pregnancy I kept telling myself, as were others, to wait until after showers to buy things, 'cause you never know what you will get.  Well, then I got put on bedrest....  BOOOO!  So, I was having a good couple of says, blood pressure wise, so I told Ryan, "I'm going to Target, you are welcome to come with me."  This is just one of the few outfits I picked up for myself.  

35 Week Belly....Gettin There and Gettin Big...

Here I am... 35 Weeks...  See I'm wearing my rings again! Super excited...  bedrest has been great on the water retention... Have appointments tomorrow... Will keep you updated if something important comes up!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Busted!..... Well, Almost....

No shopping on Black Friday {although I did do some Amazon shopping the night before}....
When Ryan got home from work {gotta push that Coca-Cola} we went to see the second to last Harry Potter!! {snif snif... what will I do when there's no more HP to look forward to?!?}

I dropped him off at the front, so he could stay in line for tickets, then drove around waiting for the best "Expectant Mother on Bedrest" parking spot....  I found a pretty decent one.... then I got my giant bag with my water and Sprite {plug for Coca-Cola, again} and proceeded to theater...

But, just then... WAIT... OMGosh....  {bp rising}.....
Who do I see walking towards the ticket line from the other side of the parking lot.... DR WINFREY!!! {and her daughter}

What did I do you ask? Duck and Hide of course!!  I jumped in front of the giant columns at the ticket booth... where Ryan was just perfectly placed in line... I tell him.... "Dr Winfrey is at the back of the line!!" We giggle...
The girl in line behind him, looking at me quizzically... I say "I'm on bedrest and my doctor just got in line for tickets." She giggles.  I say to Ryan, really thinking out loud many thoughts,  "What if she's here to see Harry Potter?... Oh, but Brit says it has some scary parts, surely her daughter is too young... I don't know, it IS Harry Potter!"

Ryan says go hide in the arcade... I say {in my head} "I'm not a teenager, I'm not hiding in the arcade."  But I do run {I mean... walk} inside and sit on a bench and wait for Ryan... Sitting is rest, right?

He comes in with tickets and I send him to wait in line for snacks.... I can't forgo popcorn and candy because I'm on the lam and about to get caught!!  I mean, I HAVE MOVIE STANDARDS...{I say as I have drinks stashed in my giant bag}

Just as we are discussing Milk Duds or Whoppers, Dr Winfrey and her daughter come speeding through the door and off to their theater, so stop at the concessions... I assume now they are there to see Tangled... seems more appropriate...

WHEW! That was close....

I have said all my life, that I try very hard not to do things I am told specifically NOT to do, because I have the worst luck... I will always get caught... my car will breakdown when I am somewhere I'm not supposed to be or something of the like....

I'm sure that I wouldn't have been hauled away and grounded right then and there....  especially because I'm not exhibiting all the other symptoms of Preeclampsia, just that my blood pressure is being monitored... but still.... I don't want the one person who is trying to take care of me and my unborn to think that I am not working WITH her and doing what she says....

Harry Potter was great, btw.  It was worth the drama!

Luv you all!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday.... on Bedrest..... Yay...

I am not the type to get up at 3 am for a $5 toaster or $100 giant television., all the while fighting hundreds of people for standing room only.....  although I do like a good bargain.... I much refer my sleep...

It seems like, all of a sudden, I want to go shopping SO bad...  OH... but I can't!  Bedrest for this bargain hunter.

Some of you may say, "but you can shop online."

Part of the fun is the hunt and to be able to touch and feel and pick what you want.

No shopping for me this year...  this is probably best anyway, since I AM off work on bedrest... gotta make the savings last so we don't go baby broke when Callen gets here!

Happy Shopping to You All!! I hope you don't get wounded in the crowds, I will be on my couch thinking of you!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

34 Weeks... {and counting...}

Since we have weekly doctor visits, today is just one down a bunch more to go.... here's the update....

We had a sonogram first, Jenny {or favorite sono tech}  took measurements and hes a little boy, but not below average - given that there is margin for error in the estimates they make- he'll prob be just under or just about 6 lbs if we make it to 37 weeks.  He is all balled up in there still, his knees are smooshed up to his chest and his feet are in his face {poor thing!}.  His heart rate and breathing movements are good. He still looks like he has super big smoochers...  

I've been losing weight, 5 lbs at least {I say 8 lbs}, but Dr W thinks its because im "moving fluid" - peeing alot - you wouldnt believe how skinny my feet and ankles were this morning!  I forgot there were bones in there!!! Bedrest may suck... but I dont feel like i'm floating in my own skin anymore...

My BP isn't fantastic, but it is stable where it is... so off to another week we go!!  Have to do another 24 hr pee collection this week... {this is also one of the fantastic facts left out when people talk about pregnancy... collecting one's pee and putting it in an orange jug}  I have to start this 8 am thursday.... so i cant be gone long if we go somewhere to eat for thanksgiving...  I have another sono (a bpp) on friday morning at the hosp {since the clinic is closed for the holiday}.

I did ask her what the criteria/threshold we had to meet where I wouldn't risk being sent away to Fort Worth again - Ryan and I agreed that we would prefer to deliver here, and take the risk that IF he needed a NICU that he could be sent to Cooks Children. I just have this feeling that he is doing well and I have confidence and comfort in my doctors and nurses here that I want to deliver in Wichita Falls.  Feeling all this, I also feel that the nursery at United Regional, combined with our pediatrician can take perfect care of Callen if he's earlier than full term {37 weeks being the goal}.

Anyway.. Dr W said that this week, 34 weeks, is that milestone.  Especially since we had our steroid shots last weekend and that his measurements show that he is growing within a normal range.  So, as of today, whenever we deliver, however we deliver, we can do it in Wichita Falls.  I am ecstatic over this.. I bet my bp starts looking better and better - since I wont be thinking about that each time i take it!  

We are moving on to making it towards 35 weeks.. yeah!!

I am taking these positive feelings and allowing myself a few outings... but not up on my feet outings I assure you!

Tomorrow - Hunan's for the annual Secord & Lebow thanksgiving feast on fried rice!  Then a PEDICURE... I can't reach my feet... and I can get Ryan to run errands while I sit in the fantastic massage chair with Aunti Nichole!

Thursday - Thanksgivng some place where someone else is cooking. Something with Lance & Wendy or over at Laura's with Aunti Tiffany.... letting Ryan decide...

Friday - I'm also going to see HARRY POTTER damn-it!! I missed the midnite showing when it opened with Aunti Brittani....all i have to do is sit and enjoy, right?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Where's My Lap...

It's hard to use a "laptop" when you have no lap...

And furthermore, when it's placed past the bump... it's usually out of reach of my short person arms...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Wilde Ride....

{yes, I meant to spell it that way....}
If anyone feels my slight disappearance lately.... it would be because I had quite a wild ride this past weekend and am on bedrest.... just another notch in my pregnant belt for weird things.  **warning** The following story will be lengthy and descriptive, in true Jessica fashion....but hopefully you will get a chuckle imagining me in all this mess.

I have been monitoring my blood pressure {yea... that's where i'm going with this} for a few weeks.  My nurse gave me a level at which I am to call if it gets over.... either over 140 on the top or 90 on the bottom.  So I continued with my life, working and whatnot... taking my bp daily.

Last Thursday, somewhere around 4:30, whilst sitting and computering at work, it reads 141/94.... shit.... So I call Rene, my nurse....  she says "Do you have a headache....?" huumm....  I say, "Now that you ask, a mild one, AND I took Tylenol this morning AND I took a long lunch break for a nap... and it's still there."  She says, "Have you had any visual disturbances...?  {have I had what?}  I say, "Well, the other night at my Breastfeeding Class I kinda had those sparklies, kinda like when you get up to fast..."  She says, "Let me go talk to Dr. Winfrey, hold please."  ......shit.......  Rene comes back, "Ok, Dr Winfrey says to go ahead a go to Labor & Delivery."...... SHIT!....

I call Ryan, we go to L&D. They triage me.... no emergency room necessary, our L&D has their own personal triage area.... nice.... esp. if you image a flu and throw up ridden ER when you are pregnant looking for assistance..  When the nurse there takes my bp its like in the 170's/110's!  {I am in the hosp. afterall...}

Turns out Dr. Winfrey is on her way out of town to go run a half-marathon, so they call the doc on call at my clinic..  Dr. King...   she orders me to STAY OVERNITE.....surely bp is up now too...  I get my fashionable gown {that has a pocket on the front chest.... still can't figure out why}... I get hooked up to monitors... I have to  pee in this thing and put it in a jug for 24 hrs {yea me!} and they draw blood to check my liver counts... Of course they are checking me for pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) or further preeclampsia - which are similar, if not the same.

Ryan's off to the house to gather some things - this is the beginning of his being on his own to get us ready for this kinda thing.  {he's been doing a fabulous job, by the way, hes a great partner, and going be a great daddy}

All night my bp is still high... hello.. I'm in the hospital.  Callen's heartrate is great, and apparently I was having contractions {although irregular and insignificant}.

The next morning, Dr. Winfrey comes back to check in on me, on her way out of town.. says that I may have to go to Ft. Worth...  that with bp and preeclampsia things can happen fast and change within a few days.... but that Dr. Horth (also from my clinic) is in the hospital for a cesarean and will be checking in on me. Ok, great....let's start this day.... {my nurse for that day was fro Nacogdoches, btw, and her husband went to high school with Ryan...whoa... weird...}

Dr. Horth comes in to check in, says that she is concerned that my blood pressure hadn't dropped while there on rest and that my headache hasn't subsided. She said she was going to call a specialist in Ft. Worth to see what his opinion was.  I was feeling alright, other than not having slept all night, so this was not scary, I felt alright.....    Yea, well.... next thing I know their freaking scheduling me a careflight to Harris Methodist in Ft. Worth!  {yeah, I said it... a HELICOPTER!!}  First thing I ask.... "Does my insurance cover that?!?"   I ask Dr. Horth what this means and she says that Harris is connected to Cooks Children's Hospital, and that if I had to deliver early, they would rather have me there, instead of having to send Callen there from WFalls....  geez..... I felt ALRIGHT!!  Off Ryan goes, home, to get things ready to be gone 'til Sunday at least.  Oh... the doc in Ft. Worth did say to go ahead a give me a beta blocker for the high bp - which did some good.

Oh and... I was supposed to have a Baby Shower on Saturday!!  I was NOT A HAPPY CAMPER! Missing a party I'd been looking forward to, in a breezy gown, about to be helio'd to Ft. Worth....

Let's just say that my favorite man upstairs must have realized that a panic attack would not be good for my bp or my baby.... and in comes a cold front, bringing rain and snow from the west, so the pilot's cancel the flight.... {whew!}  They took me by ambulance instead.... embarrassing, I must say to be wide awake, alert, and FEELING ALRIGHT, and in an ambulance lights flashing the whole way.... oh yeah... in a hospital gown...texting ....  {they let me keep my phone with me... picture that}

Got to Ft. Worth, got checked into my second hospital in 24 hours.  Ryan makes it there alive, suitcase and pillows in hand.  I was starving.. hasn't eaten or had anything to drink for 4+ hours... and then they wanna wheel me up {no walking when you have high bp in the hosp} for a sonogram.  I meet the specialist, Dr. Thigpen, he's a high risk ObGyn.  He checks me out, and determines that I am pretty low high-risk and that he doesn't see any reason to deliver me this weekend.  {Wow.....  I needed a high priced ride to Ft. Worth to hear that?!?}  He does say that I will be staying 'til Mon for monitoring and more blood work.

I get moved to another room, where i get to eat and shower.... so glad for this...  just wanted to get comfortable.  I started to get slightly home sick for United Regional....  I surely wanted to be home to deliver this baby not out of town.  I thought that if I could just go home, take this bp pill, I would not work anymore, I would site around, and do whatever they wanted... I just wanted to go home.  Although I knew Ft Worth was closer for everyone else, to see Callen when he was born... I already felt like I knew people at United Regional and was comfortable in the hands of the doctor's and nurses I already knew... plus... it is far less likely I would have to be there with out Ryan if we were at home... We ca only afford so much time away from work....

The next morning, Dr. Thigpen's partner comes in to let me know that all my tests were ok and that there was no reason to keep me in the hospital, that I could follow up with my doc when I got home.  I was already scheduled to see Dr. Winfrey the next week, so on with the discharge paperwork they went.    There were already people on the way to see us, since we thought we'd be there all weekend {thanks girls from work - i luv u mucho; thanks Mom [g-ma, for those of you who don't know] & Aunt Robin - so excited to see you; thanks Joel - Ryan surely appreciated the break from the hosp}.

Anyway, we go home Sat... and I sit around.... til the Tuesday morning appt with Dr. Winfrey.  She tells me that she is actually surprised to see me there without a baby... whoa....  I didn't tell her, but I was just happy to be home and back in HER care... I like my dr's and nurses....  She puts me on bedrest....  no surprise there...  I wasn't planning on going back to work, and honestly, the boss's wouldn't let me anyway.... no need to risk my life and callen's for the sake of work, we can work out the details later... {THIS is why I love my  job, i don't change the world everyday, or make beautiful spaces everyday, but I have a fabulous extended family everyday}

I have to see her every Monday and have two BPP's (biophysical profiles - a sono) every week.  She says our goal is 37 weeks....  She says, "...looks like you're gonna have a December Baby..."

Seems like as long as my headache {yea - I have one, big, long headache} doesn't get worse or I don't get dizzy or have any more visual disturbances I guess we are just going to wait it out 'til then.

So... my shower was cancelled...  the most important information of all this... OF COURSE...   between the girls and I, we decided to have a Welcome Baby party early in January instead...  MAN! I was ready for friends and cupcakes!!

Can you imagine me.... ON BEDREST.....  man o man!!  TV, computer, books, magazines, animals... thats my day....  everyday....

Ryan has been WONDERFUL.. there aren't enough descriptives or him... I'm so glad I found him way back... He's been great at last minute preparing and getting things together.  He's bee shopping and running errands for me.  He's been keeping up with the house.  He's been making me sit down when I get up to do anything.  He's been just great - he's going to be a great dad - he IS a great dad.  I think that I would be a totally different person in all this if I didn't have him - a big stress ball for sure - which i was/am NOT.  I have been calm and ok - still making lists like crazy, but ok.

Love you all... Feel free to email me.... cause I don't have lots else to do right now! :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pregnancy Eating...

I was STARVING when I left the doctor's office this morning...

The only breakfast food between the clinic and my office is.. McD's.....

So, I pulled in.. ordered a McMuffin or something like that... with an OJ... yum.. yum...


I proceeded to park my Jeep and eat...  I felt like I was doing something wrong... like I shouldn't be eating McD's.... like I should be going straight back to work.... like I knew I was going to get heartburn.....


If you ever see a pregnant chick on the side of the road or parked in a parking lot somewhere.... EATING.... just let her be....  eating is a very important task.....

Saturday, November 6, 2010

No going back now.....


We went to our Prepared Childbirth Class today.  The condensed course, all in one day.

I think that I probably could have done without knowing all this information.  Normally, I like to be "in the know,"  to curb my anxiety... but in this case, it seems to have made the anxiety worse.  I'm not into gross, dirty things.... and well... having my undercarriage mangled and whatnot.... seems kinda gross...

I guess there's no going back now.....

On the bright side, the L&D/Postpartum department at our hospital is shiny and new... and the nurses seem really nice...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

31 Week Belly Pic

Brittani made me do it....  So here it is...

Everyone say high to baby Callen Jax and Mom!!

Still growing... Still tired.. Still hot...  9 more weeks to go!  

Monday, November 1, 2010


I got a Snuggie at my shower in Houston... right now i'm like a million degrees hot all the time... so i'm not using it...

OH.... BUT... RYAN IS!!!

He called me the other day at work {since he gets home so early some days} and he says... "Guess what I'm wearing!?!".... I couldn't imagine....  "THE SNUGGIE!!" he proclaims....

Here he is.... all robed up in his Snuggie.... i know it's backwards.. it depends on his mood..... we were lounging around all weekend....

You see the two computers.... he was getting my work laptop from the dining room.. since he won't share the Alienware.... he has picked up WoW {World of Warcraft} again..... needless to say.. I am not happy with this habit....  I HATE video games... he LOVES video games...  what can I do really?

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I can't stop eating fun size Snickers... soon the bag will be empty and I will be sad... I CANNOT buy another bag..!!

They are SO yummy!  My Callen Jax is going to be a Snickers lover too!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crazy Busy...

Less than 10 weeks to go now!  Yeah us!!

I had a great weekend seeing everyone at the showers in Houston and Nacogdoches.  Our families and friends are a great village to help us raise this little boy! We just can't wait for him to be here!

Things at work have picked up, almost 200%.... I'm stressed....  stressed to get things worked out so no one is left hanging with my un-done work... stressed to get the things that must be done before the end of the year done {since im back to draggin' ass everyday}... stressed that there are still baby decisions and thoughts going through my head all the time....

Please, no one call Dr. Winfrey and tell her these things... I am learning to ask for help and learning to stop when my body {or the baby taking over my body} tells me its time to stop.

If you don't hear from me for a while, don't worry, I just don't have anything interesting to share, or i'm chained to my desk at work {jk}.

Luv you all!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

29 Week Belly Pic... I Forgot to Post it...

29 weeks...  I know I'm outta sync.. but I came across this in my camera... Baby brain....
Love blogger.. it let me choose a back date, so it is in order.. even though its December.... wha..ha..ha...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Picture Day!!!

We had a 3D/4D sonogram this weekend... it was really cool and exciting.  Mimi (Jane, Ryan's Mom) and Aunt Elsa came up from Nacogdoches to get their first live look at The Bun.  Here are some for YOU to see...
Look at that grin!  I think he's the cutest!

Just bein' sweet! I guess I can forgive him for beating the crap out of my insides!
He's got all his fingers in his mouth!  Thats this thumb sticking out...
 Love him already!!  Can't wait to see you all soon at the Houston and Nacogdoches showers this next weekend!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Made a waffle and peanut butter sandwich today.... YUUMM!

Since pregnancy has created an aversion to chicken, I struggle to get in protein - so I turn to peanut butter.

I used Eggo NutraGrain whole wheat waffles..... gotta stay healthy....
Peter Pan Creamy with Honey.... so yummo...
Drizzle of Honey....


I bet this would be good with apple or banana slices too!!  I'll try that next time..??

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Acid Reflux...

For no reason - all the time - it's burning my throat - it leaves a yucky taste in my mouth - it takes away from the taste of food I want - it's ruling my day - it's RUINING my life.....

I dislike this element of pregnancy - VERY MUCH.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Less Than 100 Days to Go!

26 weeks today! So SUPER excited!
We have been working on the nursery....  here's a picture...
It is quite a deviation on what I planned to do on this wall {see design board on previous post}, but I painted this design., very carefully, with the help of blue tape.  Touch ups have been done, but I didn't take a picture yet. 


I took a picture of myself last week, at 25 weeks....  here ya go...
I didn't include my face, so you couldn't see the amount of pain I am in having to take a picture of myself....


Shower planning is officially going on...  Invitations have been mailed out or are being mailed out soon.  The date for the Wichita Falls shower has changed - Nov 13 at 4pm.  Details arriving in your snail mail box! If you feel that you've been missed..  contact someone from that party's planning group {see previous post}.


I do NOT have Gestational Diabetes.  I never, ever, want to take that 3 Hour Glucose Tolerance Test again! The sugar juice was AWFUL - equivalent to 34 starburst, for breakfast, after not eating for 12 hours, after carb loading for 3 days, before not being able to eat for 3 more hours - Yuck.  The 4 sticks to my veins AWFUL - one hole sits for an hour, just long enough to bruise up, gets another poke, then do the same to the other arm, then pick up your heavy stack of books and magazines you've used keep yourself busy all morning - Yuck!

Luv you all!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Outfit...

Gave the blog a new outfit today....

I'm sure there are a few of you out there who didn't get to see the owls... but that just means you weren't keeping up!

Fall is coming soon, and many of my other blogging friends changed to fall themed backgrounds... so I must stay up to date.

I did manage to keep an owl for motif purposes...


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still a Papaya..... 24 weeks

So... I read multiple sites and my book chapters every Tuesday {or Monday nite if I'm impatient}...
They have disagreements in the fruit comparison....

My ticker, from indicates that The Bun is still the size of a Papaya.... we crave variety...  but none the less, its the ticker I have... indicates that The Bun is now the length of an ear of corn... about 12 inches long... I have lifted this image from their site for reference...
There also seems to be discrepancies between what weeks equal what months...  All this is becauase a pregnancy is 40 weeks, and based on the luteal calendar, equally 10 luteal months, not the 9 mths everyone always refers to {the biggest lie told from woman to woman, I must say - why is this?}. Basically there are not just 4 full weeks in a month, according to the calender we live by.. so all this very confusing.... you can't just take the weeks and divide by 4 to get the month.... even then, I have to complete a month before I can BE that many months pregnant....

So.... for as much my education and entertainment as yours... I have found this handy chart... on

1 - 4
5 - 8
9 - 13
14 - 17
18 - 21
22 - 26
27 - 30
31 - 35
36 - 40
are you in?
You are
in your
You are
in your
You are
in your
You are
in your
You are
in your
You are
in your
You are
in your
You are
in your
You are
in your
This is

They offer the following example...

in Week 15  =  you are in your 4th Month    and    Month 4 is in your Second Trimester

[ So - You have completed three months  and  are now into your fourth month ]

Think like your age:-   You are 28 and have completed 28 years, you are in your 29th year.

In conclusion, {I'm a dork, yes, i know}..... At Week 24, I am in my 6th Month and month 6 is in my Second Trimester. I have completed five months and am on my way to completing my sixth month. 
You can go from my due date {Jan 4, 2011 - which is relative if you ask me} and count backwards to the 4th of every month until you get to today.... that comes out to be that I have just about 3 3/4 months left to go!!!

Man oh man, are the next three months going to go fast! Showers, doctors appointments, holidays, working on the nursery.... whew... 

I guess everyone wants to know how we are doing too... We are good... he's moving around all the time, kicking and punching....  I'm making it through all the weirdness of pregnancy {this is a very odd experience, btw}.. Ryan is getting exited and protective and all kinds of emotions and thoughts that aren't typical for MY DeWitt man {he's normally very neutral}.   Overall, we are excited to be parents and get the party started!  I like a challenge and I like doing new things in life with Ryan... so this is right up our alley.  We are ready to try out our parenting choices and to make mistakes and to see triumphs.... 

Love you all!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Nursery Design

Introducing...  A Custom Interior Design by Mommy...   An mix of old, new, hand-made, and Swedish-made (gotta love IKEA).  

This little boy's nursery touts an eclectic and fresh mix of colors and basic design elements.  New luxury vinyl flooring, as used throughout the home, is a beautiful dark walnut - represented in the chocolate color swatch.  Fresh paint, in blue walls, orange accent, and bright white trim will give this once under used, very tiny space, a new lease on life.  The main furniture pieces {crib & dresser} are showcased in white to keep the space feeling bright.  Natural elements, such as the grapevine floor lamp and storage trunk not only complement the flooring but also contrast the modern elements in the space.  Custom pieces such as pillows, mobiles, and artwork are aimed at pulling all the design fundamentals together.  A common design motif of owls is evident, when used in a contemporary form, these woodland creatures add necessary whimsy to the nursery. 



The big nerdy that I am.....  These make me happy... I thought my organizing world was going to come to ultimate greatness... and Ryan was going to come home one day and know EXACTLY where everything must go....
But then, I got a Post-It Perks email (yes, there is 'club' for people like me)......  and this is what I saw on my computer screen...
How can my excitement be topped, you ask?!? By a seemingly never-ending ROLL of post-its!!

My love for Post-It's almost rivals my love for Disney...  I would love for either to recognize my adoration for them and reward me with equal amounts of love.

I MUST have these....

P.S. - 22 weeks today!! Yea us!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nursery Items

We now have...
This Crib!!!
(minus the bedding set... however cute... I am not into 'sets')
Came with a mattress, and converts to a toddler bed, conversion rail included! 

This Rug... on Sale for $44!!
The walls will be some kind of slate-ish blue and will have a pumpkin orange accent... paint chips and inspiration photos to come...

There may even be a furniture floor plan... that I drafted up on the computer.... we'll see....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Want These....

I can customize something basic.. but i want some that can hang on the wall... Keep you eye out for me.... and if they are a million dollars a piece... keep it to yourself... don't depress me...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We're Halfway There!!

While I was making it halfway, I thought I'd never get here.... but now that I'm here... it feels like just yesterday I pee'd on the stick!
I'm sure this second half will feel longer... until I'm at the hospital scared outta my wits!!

Have a little housekeeping to post... showers and registries and such.

These are all the places I have registered - for your shopping convenience....

There are probably lots of duplicates, like the same things at different stores... but whatev's.  I'm sure everyone knows how to work the registries at WalMart, Target, & Babies R Us - no explanation necessary.  Storkland is a store in Tyler, Wichita Falls, and Oklahoma City - she is going to fax the list to the other stores when I'm done writing it all down... yes, you heard this right... FAX it when I'm done WRITING it down... what has this world come to when they can't just give me a gun to scan it all!!  Wishpot is just an online list of things at these stores and some other random online only retailers.

Links to all these {except Storkland - see above} can be found on the top right of THIS blog...

Invitations will go out, so don't get stressed out about having to rely on my blog as your only notification.  This is so that if anyone gets invites to more than one shower, or prefers one location over another, you have prior notice to whats to come - {I'm a planner people, this is necessary for me to rest at nite}.

Houston Shower - October 23rd, Location TBD, Contact Lindsay Justice at or Sarah Prewitt at

Nacogdoches Shower - October 24th, Probably at Cindy Myers house, Contact Jane DeWitt at 936.560.4955 (hm) or Kim Berthelot at

Wichita Falls Shower - November 6, Location TBD, Contact Tiffany Ross at

This is the info I have now, each of these are in the planning phase {to which I am not included} so details come from the persons listed... If you are not in one of these areas... and know which shower you'd like to come to, save me the guessing and call that person!

We love everyone!  Until next time!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Boy!!

Here He is! A He Bun! We haven't agreed on a name yet, and we may only narrow it down to a few and choose when we see his face. Don't know yet.  

He was moving all around and pushing his legs and arms out, it was hard to get him to sit still for a picture!

I kinda feel weird about posting his boy parts online... so in all my- 'never keep my private info to myself' -self... somehow, I have this feeling that his parts don't need to be on the world wide web.  I have learned to listen to my gut.... {especially when it says - 'cookie please'}. So just take our word for it, He's a Boy.  If you see me in person, I will show you the pics.

All his major organs were checked and given a good bill of health, and his estimated weight is 11 ozs.  

I'll have another sonogram with next months visit, to check a low lying placenta - also the glucose tolerance test.

Until something else interesting happens....  Later!