Thursday, May 27, 2010

Food is good, right?

There were a few minor things that, if I knew better, could have told me I was pregnant before the pee stick.  The fact that I could hibernate without a second thought, or that all of a sudden I needed new bras (bad news for me and the large "ladies" I already have to contend with), and the eating. I could just eat and eat and eat and eat. Then I got the sinus cold from Hades and I couldn't taste anything... booo! Who wants to eat flavorless food.  Then I found out that there were two babies needing nutrition, so I tried to consume all the servings necessary for this task. Now, I am a lover of food, but this is a difficult task. Most of the snacks and food I eat during the day have no nutritional value, so fruits and nuts and cheese it was.  THEN...  we went on the cruise... I ate all day every day.  The cold was gone, so things were yummy.  Then we get home, and... ehh.. food no taste good. Everything I look at just seems... blah... but if I don't eat, the babies still take what they need, and the dizziness and loss of brain function set in.  I will say that salsa at chili's is gooo-oood.  Especially on fries and little big mouth bites, yuu-uum. Still, on average, this week is gray on the food front.  But herein lies the worse news, no pants fit, already.  Either I ate WAY too much white things were tasty, especially on the cruise, or all my "extra" belly padding is starting to be rearranged by the growing uterus...  oh, btw... I will not be posting pictures of my belly over the weeks, maybe occasionally, but not regularly.

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  1. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. we want belly pics.... not fair cause we cant see you... you MUST POST BELLY PICS.... all the time... at least every few weeks.... come on.. let us "no baby havin" folks live through you! kisses. love you