Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby Must Know That Daddy Works Hard

I don't know about your husbands, but mine works his toushie off 5-6 days a week peddling Coca-Cola. Now that summer has come, those days are getting longer and longer... due to the increase of caffeine uptake and the hot temperatures here.

Lately, the "morning sickness" hits me sporadically in the afternoons with the belly aches and head aches.  I drink more water, I eat small snacks, I lay my head down, I wear my "sea-bands."  None of these things satiate my unborn child's reason for causing me discomfort. Until....

I broke down and popped the top of one of these... Good ole Coca-Cola Classic. No Diet. No Zero. Only the REAL thing with REAL sugar will do.
Apparently, thats what my child was telling me it MUST have! I know this is not a preferred beverage for the pregnant population, but the caffeine content is clearly labeled on the can and I am well within the limits.  Plus, with all the water I've been drinking, i'm sure to balance it out within a few hours.

Pregnant or not, we (baby and I) must support daddy working hard for us, we MUST DRINK COKE! We love daddy and we love coke!!

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