Friday, July 30, 2010

She Bun or He Bun? That is the Question..

12 days until our next sonogram.  Hopefully this kid won't be shy and we'll see some gender specific parts!

The purpose of this sonogram is actually to check all the important things - heart, lungs, fingers and toes. So we will focus on all those things as well.  We always hope a pray for a healthy baby, no matter the gender!

Cast your vote! The poll is on the top of the blog!  Voting closes at 1 pm on August 10th, our appointment is in the afternoon!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Favorite Jeans

I think that no matter how much I knew that I was going to get bigger, and bigger, and bigger....

It is still a sad day....

My favorite jeans no longer fit.  It could be said that they have had their run... being worn at least 3 days of every week.... but I am not happy about it.  They were the most comfy, the best 'wash', good deep pockets, and always got better the second day.  I searched high and low, tried on pair after pair, for an entire weekend before I found these jeans - and - they were on sale - for less than $10 {yea, I'm good}

I guess I am off to buy expensive maternity jeans.  Everyone knows I don't buy anything full price, but there is a jean emergency here - how will I survive without denim.

**Side Note**
I guess this means I'm also going to have to stage an acceptable belly shot for those of you who don't see me everyday.  Stay tuned it may take a few days.

Monday, July 26, 2010

We Have A Pediatrician!!

We have a family practitioner, but he doesn't see children until 2 years old.  We spoke to everyone we knew here with children. We called our insurance to see who was under our Coca-Cola branded Blue Cross Blue Shield from Georgia....

And.... TaDa!!  Dr. Karin Ayer with the Pediatric Associates it is.  

Our family doctor recommended her and her partner, Dr. Johnson, who is not a preferred provider for BCBS of GA.  It should also be noted that Dr. Johnson got the most votes from everyone we talked to.  Since he recently went into practice with Dr. Ayer and our family doctor recommended them both, it was an easy decision.

We have an appointment to meet her and discuss their practice in October.  I know it may seem crazy to some that I have made a choice before I met her.... but all the signs point in her direction... PLUS.. there is no waiting list...

Later Gaterz..

Friday, July 23, 2010

Calling All Arms....

I'm usually pretty good a finding things on the World Wide Web... this time I am stumped.... but I will continue..

I want this...
With or without the shade...

It is from Urban Outfitters..It's called the Wise Owl Lamp Base... It is not on Ebay as of today...

Please keep a look out... I need all the help I can get... Tell all your friends to keep look out.

I. Want. This. Lamp.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love Me Some Owls...

So... I was fighting my urge to be trendy and luuuuv something that was "popular."

I failed, miserably.  I gave in to the hooters....  nope, not the giant ones I am toting around these days... the bird variety...

I am not into themes... let me repeat.... I will not have a theme for my nursery.... I prefer a fun and eclectic mix of all things found... but I might have a few owl things in there..... and although I do not know the gender yet, I am confident that I can make it comfortable for the gender identification of either sex....

Here are a few images that I am in love with today... they represent a modern take on the idea


Is this not the cutest thing you've EVER seen!?!?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Love Garage Sales and ReSale Shops

I got this...

For $10.00!!!

At a garage sale that a resale shop was having...  she said her stock of some things was getting too high to store it all... YEAH for me!! Still clean and not smelly!!

I also got a white shelf, similar to the one I have on my registry, for $3.00!!!

Win, Win for ME!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Visited the Doctor Today

We had a doctor appointment today...

Talked about bodily changes (yeah for mommy),
blood tests (I had to give more blood),
and baby movement (I thought I was having uterus muscle twitches)

Heard the heartbeat, and some kicks.... man am I in for some acrobats when I can really feel movements!

Had some weight gain... 160 lbs now...  eeekk... no weight gain on record until today.  I'm pretty sure I gained all that in a week or two.... AND..... their scale is NOT the same as mine at home.

She said "So, you had some weight gain, thats good." {Imagine sweet doctor talk} "But, we calculated that you need to only gain 25-30 pounds total."  This range is based on the fact that my BMI was already in the 'overweight' category to begin with.  I need to stay off the Mexican food and fatty {i mean, yummy} food - for my health and the health of The Bun.

OH.. after my appointment, we went to Margie's so I could have an egg salad sandwich... on wheat... baked chips... see, I can be healthy.

Today I Want to Eat the Following....

Egg Salad Sandwich - from Margie's Sweet Shoppe, on their home made wheat bread

Popcorn - from Cinemark, not Carmike, small will suffice

Rice Crispy Treat - only home made will do. Approximately 1" thick, 6 inches long, by 3 inches wide - thats the amount I want... what's it to ya!!

Acquiring these items would take up my entire lunch hour.. leaving NO time to eat said items...not to mention quite the tab {in both items and gas}
So sad for me...  I'm eating leftovers instead...

Maybe daddy will read this and have pitty on me {and The Bun}.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Need A Maid....

Growin' a kid and keepin' up with the house are tasks I've yet to do together.  I guess it doesn't help that we were in the middle of some "house projects" when we found out we were preg's.... and are still doing "house projects."  None the less... I need a maid....

BTW... its not safe to google "maid" in efforts to put a silly picture on your blog...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello Second Trimester!!

Today marks my entrance into the Second Trimester.  I don't feel any different - I guess its the same as on your birthday, you never feel older.

I am feeling well, only gained a couple pounds {like 2}, not nauseated, always hungry, not too much fatigue.  I am however, Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde, on occasion.  I had an 'episode' over the science of making ice tea. Never fear, i got it right - not sure what went wrong to begin with - I KNOW how to make tea...

I get anxious over not "feeling pregnant" over actually "being pregnant." About once a week I am all ready to bribe my doctor's office to get another sonogram.  Given the circumstances, surely this is understandable.  After my short craziness, I remember to have faith and press on.

So.. off we go.. The Bun and I... on our Second Trimester Journey!  I hear this is the best 'mester'!