Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love Me Some Owls...

So... I was fighting my urge to be trendy and luuuuv something that was "popular."

I failed, miserably.  I gave in to the hooters....  nope, not the giant ones I am toting around these days... the bird variety...

I am not into themes... let me repeat.... I will not have a theme for my nursery.... I prefer a fun and eclectic mix of all things found... but I might have a few owl things in there..... and although I do not know the gender yet, I am confident that I can make it comfortable for the gender identification of either sex....

Here are a few images that I am in love with today... they represent a modern take on the idea


Is this not the cutest thing you've EVER seen!?!?

1 comment:

  1. love the new background! when you told me to look yesterday it wasn't this fab! love the idea of throwing a few owls in - your baby will be very wise! getting my sewing machine ready - but you'll need nichole for those cupcakes - not my area :)