Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Visited the Doctor Today

We had a doctor appointment today...

Talked about bodily changes (yeah for mommy),
blood tests (I had to give more blood),
and baby movement (I thought I was having uterus muscle twitches)

Heard the heartbeat, and some kicks.... man am I in for some acrobats when I can really feel movements!

Had some weight gain... 160 lbs now...  eeekk... no weight gain on record until today.  I'm pretty sure I gained all that in a week or two.... AND..... their scale is NOT the same as mine at home.

She said "So, you had some weight gain, thats good." {Imagine sweet doctor talk} "But, we calculated that you need to only gain 25-30 pounds total."  This range is based on the fact that my BMI was already in the 'overweight' category to begin with.  I need to stay off the Mexican food and fatty {i mean, yummy} food - for my health and the health of The Bun.

OH.. after my appointment, we went to Margie's so I could have an egg salad sandwich... on wheat... baked chips... see, I can be healthy.


  1. Man they told me 20 - 25 pounds tops and I am freaked out. I was holding a good 10 pounds to much so I am sure that's why.
    But I love Mexican food too!
    And Pasta!

  2. I think that 25 lbs is good enough for me. Im pretty sure that a few lbs so far are boobies.. I've had to buy bra's twice!