Monday, July 26, 2010

We Have A Pediatrician!!

We have a family practitioner, but he doesn't see children until 2 years old.  We spoke to everyone we knew here with children. We called our insurance to see who was under our Coca-Cola branded Blue Cross Blue Shield from Georgia....

And.... TaDa!!  Dr. Karin Ayer with the Pediatric Associates it is.  

Our family doctor recommended her and her partner, Dr. Johnson, who is not a preferred provider for BCBS of GA.  It should also be noted that Dr. Johnson got the most votes from everyone we talked to.  Since he recently went into practice with Dr. Ayer and our family doctor recommended them both, it was an easy decision.

We have an appointment to meet her and discuss their practice in October.  I know it may seem crazy to some that I have made a choice before I met her.... but all the signs point in her direction... PLUS.. there is no waiting list...

Later Gaterz..

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