Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Nursery Design

Introducing...  A Custom Interior Design by Mommy...   An mix of old, new, hand-made, and Swedish-made (gotta love IKEA).  

This little boy's nursery touts an eclectic and fresh mix of colors and basic design elements.  New luxury vinyl flooring, as used throughout the home, is a beautiful dark walnut - represented in the chocolate color swatch.  Fresh paint, in blue walls, orange accent, and bright white trim will give this once under used, very tiny space, a new lease on life.  The main furniture pieces {crib & dresser} are showcased in white to keep the space feeling bright.  Natural elements, such as the grapevine floor lamp and storage trunk not only complement the flooring but also contrast the modern elements in the space.  Custom pieces such as pillows, mobiles, and artwork are aimed at pulling all the design fundamentals together.  A common design motif of owls is evident, when used in a contemporary form, these woodland creatures add necessary whimsy to the nursery. 



The big nerdy that I am.....  These make me happy... I thought my organizing world was going to come to ultimate greatness... and Ryan was going to come home one day and know EXACTLY where everything must go....
But then, I got a Post-It Perks email (yes, there is 'club' for people like me)......  and this is what I saw on my computer screen...
How can my excitement be topped, you ask?!? By a seemingly never-ending ROLL of post-its!!

My love for Post-It's almost rivals my love for Disney...  I would love for either to recognize my adoration for them and reward me with equal amounts of love.

I MUST have these....

P.S. - 22 weeks today!! Yea us!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nursery Items

We now have...
This Crib!!!
(minus the bedding set... however cute... I am not into 'sets')
Came with a mattress, and converts to a toddler bed, conversion rail included! 

This Rug... on Sale for $44!!
The walls will be some kind of slate-ish blue and will have a pumpkin orange accent... paint chips and inspiration photos to come...

There may even be a furniture floor plan... that I drafted up on the computer.... we'll see....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Want These....

I can customize something basic.. but i want some that can hang on the wall... Keep you eye out for me.... and if they are a million dollars a piece... keep it to yourself... don't depress me...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We're Halfway There!!

While I was making it halfway, I thought I'd never get here.... but now that I'm here... it feels like just yesterday I pee'd on the stick!
I'm sure this second half will feel longer... until I'm at the hospital scared outta my wits!!

Have a little housekeeping to post... showers and registries and such.

These are all the places I have registered - for your shopping convenience....

There are probably lots of duplicates, like the same things at different stores... but whatev's.  I'm sure everyone knows how to work the registries at WalMart, Target, & Babies R Us - no explanation necessary.  Storkland is a store in Tyler, Wichita Falls, and Oklahoma City - she is going to fax the list to the other stores when I'm done writing it all down... yes, you heard this right... FAX it when I'm done WRITING it down... what has this world come to when they can't just give me a gun to scan it all!!  Wishpot is just an online list of things at these stores and some other random online only retailers.

Links to all these {except Storkland - see above} can be found on the top right of THIS blog...

Invitations will go out, so don't get stressed out about having to rely on my blog as your only notification.  This is so that if anyone gets invites to more than one shower, or prefers one location over another, you have prior notice to whats to come - {I'm a planner people, this is necessary for me to rest at nite}.

Houston Shower - October 23rd, Location TBD, Contact Lindsay Justice at  lindsay.justice@yahoo.com or Sarah Prewitt at smp072@yahoo.com

Nacogdoches Shower - October 24th, Probably at Cindy Myers house, Contact Jane DeWitt at 936.560.4955 (hm) or Kim Berthelot at ksb4304@hotmail.com

Wichita Falls Shower - November 6, Location TBD, Contact Tiffany Ross at texasmustang2005@yahoo.com

This is the info I have now, each of these are in the planning phase {to which I am not included} so details come from the persons listed... If you are not in one of these areas... and know which shower you'd like to come to, save me the guessing and call that person!

We love everyone!  Until next time!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Boy!!

Here He is! A He Bun! We haven't agreed on a name yet, and we may only narrow it down to a few and choose when we see his face. Don't know yet.  

He was moving all around and pushing his legs and arms out, it was hard to get him to sit still for a picture!

I kinda feel weird about posting his boy parts online... so in all my- 'never keep my private info to myself' -self... somehow, I have this feeling that his parts don't need to be on the world wide web.  I have learned to listen to my gut.... {especially when it says - 'cookie please'}. So just take our word for it, He's a Boy.  If you see me in person, I will show you the pics.

All his major organs were checked and given a good bill of health, and his estimated weight is 11 ozs.  

I'll have another sonogram with next months visit, to check a low lying placenta - also the glucose tolerance test.

Until something else interesting happens....  Later!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

18w 2d Belly Pic


I look like I'm in pain... because I am.  I DO NOT like pictures taken of me.. and this was excruciating. 
I have gained about 8 pounds as of yesterday..  so yeah..  thats it.. here it is...

I never feel worse about myself until I look at a picture of myself.  I tried to pose like the ticker on the right of the blog... but that "girl" didn't start out at 150, im SURE of it.. and her boobs didn't gain all that weight.  I think she's finally caught up to me in the belly!

Alright, until next time, ENJOY!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Being a Parent Changes Your Thoughts...

So. Your perspective on the world changes. However, my perspective on the world changes in waves.... God has sent me through quite a few lessons - but in the end, he's never let me down.  I wouldn't change anything about the path I have taken or the life I live now.

All these things do change what my memories mean to me and what I will have to be sure my child knows about what my life was like and what my parents were like.  I AM who they were.  My child will be who we are.

In all this I spend more time remembering my past, and the life that is left behind by the passing of my father last year. I have started a new quest for determining who I am without him and without the life we had together.  This is one path I haven't quite reached an understanding yet... there are still things in my life and things that Ryan and I will do that I know he would have wanted to front and center for.

SO.. the sadness is... there's this song that touches this spot in my soul that I am learning to reach and connect with, both in grieving the loss of my past and in building a future with my new family.

If you cry... too bad... =>

Monday, August 2, 2010

Look at what Brittani Made...

These are the cutest things ever!!

The little bitty one is for a mobile project I have in mind...