Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We're Halfway There!!

While I was making it halfway, I thought I'd never get here.... but now that I'm here... it feels like just yesterday I pee'd on the stick!
I'm sure this second half will feel longer... until I'm at the hospital scared outta my wits!!

Have a little housekeeping to post... showers and registries and such.

These are all the places I have registered - for your shopping convenience....

There are probably lots of duplicates, like the same things at different stores... but whatev's.  I'm sure everyone knows how to work the registries at WalMart, Target, & Babies R Us - no explanation necessary.  Storkland is a store in Tyler, Wichita Falls, and Oklahoma City - she is going to fax the list to the other stores when I'm done writing it all down... yes, you heard this right... FAX it when I'm done WRITING it down... what has this world come to when they can't just give me a gun to scan it all!!  Wishpot is just an online list of things at these stores and some other random online only retailers.

Links to all these {except Storkland - see above} can be found on the top right of THIS blog...

Invitations will go out, so don't get stressed out about having to rely on my blog as your only notification.  This is so that if anyone gets invites to more than one shower, or prefers one location over another, you have prior notice to whats to come - {I'm a planner people, this is necessary for me to rest at nite}.

Houston Shower - October 23rd, Location TBD, Contact Lindsay Justice at  lindsay.justice@yahoo.com or Sarah Prewitt at smp072@yahoo.com

Nacogdoches Shower - October 24th, Probably at Cindy Myers house, Contact Jane DeWitt at 936.560.4955 (hm) or Kim Berthelot at ksb4304@hotmail.com

Wichita Falls Shower - November 6, Location TBD, Contact Tiffany Ross at texasmustang2005@yahoo.com

This is the info I have now, each of these are in the planning phase {to which I am not included} so details come from the persons listed... If you are not in one of these areas... and know which shower you'd like to come to, save me the guessing and call that person!

We love everyone!  Until next time!!

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