Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Acid Reflux...

For no reason - all the time - it's burning my throat - it leaves a yucky taste in my mouth - it takes away from the taste of food I want - it's ruling my day - it's RUINING my life.....

I dislike this element of pregnancy - VERY MUCH.


  1. ha ha lucky you. i had acid reflux before the pregnancy. its only gotten worse for me. try carrying tums with you and some candies to suck on. that what i used to do. good luck

  2. I had that too... for no reason, no matter what I ate or didn't. Tums were in my purse, the car and the house! There is a wives tale that says it means your child will have a lot of hair. It came true for us, but not for my sis-in-law. So sorry you have trouble with it... it is no fun. :(