Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sappy Sad Sack....

Still no pictures to post.... I KNOW... yell at me how ever much you want.... I am lucky to get MAYBE one or two things done a day other than feeding, pumping, diapering, soothing, napping (mama's naps)....

Just trust me that he IS super cute.  Maybe at the two week mark I'll start to have more things done.

So the title of today's post is in relation to mama... I'm now a sappy sad sack....  I just thought I was super independent and strong and organized... well, I'm still organized....  All of a sudden in crying all the time because I just want to eat dinner with my husband, maybe go to bed a the same time, or be awake at the same time perhaps... I feel guilty for wishing we could have our own routine back, I didn't realize how much I needed to spend time with him - I knew I was kinda clingy and I knew he balanced out my crazy, but I didn't know that I'd fall apart without that time with him.

I know as time goes {we are only entering week 2, geez} thing will be calmer.  Chaos just isn't part of my DNA, I can deal with spontaneity to some degree, but everyday being different is tough.  I try to look at the day before to see how the current will go... and he's never the same... this is difficult.


He's so funny, so cute, and so sweet.  He makes the funniest faces!

Pictures will come... I promise... like I said before, check out Ryan's facebook, he has more time than me to do pictures.

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  1. Oh Jess, email me if you need me. I am exactly like you. Lee and I have had the hardest time because not only do we not go to bed at the same time anymore, but I actually sleep in the living room a LOT since Logan tends to fuss in the middle of the night. I have honestly had that thought "what have we DONE?" in the middle of the emotional, crying, 3am fussy time but then, that little baby looks at you and you realize it will all get better and it will all be worth it.
    Get help. Call whomever you can to come help you. My mom took a night shift and the next day I was a new person.
    Seriously, I am here for you. I know EXACTLY how you are feeling.