Wednesday, March 9, 2011


While I was pregnant and trying to get pregnant, I asked lots of people what contractions were like.  Rene {my fabulouso nurse} would also ask if I was having pains that were like my menstrual cramps or worse. People say, they are like menstrual cramps at first, then like 10x worse.  Tiffany's mom even told me that if I survived having my wisdom teeth out, I could have a kid.

So, flash back three months.  I was having contraction the night before we went to the hospital for induction.  They did kinda feel like cramps - the kind that make you {me} all whiny, bitchy, and grumpy.  They kept me awake all that night.  Come Tuesday, when my water broke, there were no words to describe the "10x" worse contractions.  I don't even think there is a multiplier that equates to "i think my insides are trying to die."

Flashback forward to postpartum.  I know understand the "contractions feel like cramps" comparison, because in a way, this is correct.  The first "warning" contractions do feel like that, now that I look back.

Why am I discussing this you ask?

Well.. now... every time I have cramps I get these anxiety attack flashbacks to labor.  You all know that I spoke of how quick and easy it was.  But i'm not denying the fact that I thought my body was dying while I lay there in the labor and delivery wing... it's just that my epidural came quick.

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  1. I went through contractions for 8 hours before my epidural and I was in extreme pain. It is no picnic for sure!