Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Soap Addiction = Germ Affliction?

It is well known around my office that if you want some germ-x, I've got it.  All kinds, all smells, all colors.  I also spray the phones and door handles with Lysol spray....  AND I wipe down all parts of the grocery cart that I may come in contact with.  Tiff and I were discussing how we are aware that we are addicted to soap.  I need to change smells for different seasons... hello!? And heaven forbid I ever run out of soap.  What else can I do when they smell so good and a certain smell good store puts them on sale so often?

Sometimes she asks certain boys in her life "What color was the soap in the bathroom" to check if they've washed....  {sorry I outed you Tiff} Why do boys resist washing {continue reading for more on this}.

I see nothing wrong with this soap addiction... Haven't you see those documentaries about what kind of germs are out there and how many surfaces have poo germs on them? {keep your toothbrushes in a drawer people!!}

If I weren't subject to further ridicule I would de-germ every surface at work... here's why....

We have a small office... Mine & Nick's area is strategically placed in the middle of everything.  Pretty much we are in a nook {or bump out} off the main hallway.  It used to be the sample library.  Mostly we are here because we are "the ones that don't belong" and we don't have a matching pair.  We are like Noah's Ark around here... I'm the only Interior Designer and Nick is the only Marketing person.  We also make the coffee...  but I bet thats because I get up at 4:30a because the spawn of my loin must feed, therefore I am the first to work every morning.

Back to the bathroom germ issue.  I can hear the activities of both the main bathrooms.  We don't have boys and girls... officially {I'll talk about that later}.  They are just single person water closets {as we professionals call them}.  I can hear the water flow...  I KNOW who washes hands and who DOES NOT.

Furthermore, there has been a monthly office wide game of paper toss.... where the central shooting and scoring location is Nick's trashcan.. i.e. Jessica's area.  In order to play, they must shoot at least 6x a day.  So 6x a day 3-6 of my coworkers stop by my area {touching my bookcase} after going to the bathroom, to make their shot. The losers take the winners to a lunch of their choosing. 

Yesterday I went to use the bathroom around the corner {usually designated the for the stinky boys}.  I realize that the soap dispenser was empty.  Not only was it empty, but it was dry and dusty.  I also know that the soap refill is in the middle bathroom {designated unisex for non-stinky business} and that no one remembers this, so they always ask me where it is.  No one has asked me where it is.

Here's my question:
Have they all been faking washing their hands? Then coming over to MY area with their poo germ hands?!?

{I'm pretty sure none of the boys from my office read my blog, so I am safe from their outrage of being foudn out}


  1. ewwwwww!
    We got new auto-flush toilets here and they take a really long time to flush so by the time you are already at the sink, the toilet is just then flushing... so I bet people think that when you come out of the restroom after the toilet JUST flushed you didn't wash your hands...
    Lee was the Purel Nazi after Logan was born. But he has gotten over that..

  2. ugh - i'm so sorry that you made this discusting realization. i did think it was gross, not only do we have to hear the bathroom activity, but now there is a game of mandatory potty breaks. i don't wanna see how many times you go to the bathroom a day. not a fan!