Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 2: I {heart} My Bed

Week one went by fairly well.  I was all hopped up on coffee for most of it, but I made it to Friday.  I was all full of energy Friday afternoon.. Ryan and I went to lunch and ran some errands while Callen was spending the afternoon with Miss Kellie.  We decided that Friday afternoons would be our date days. Well Friday evening came.. and I was a tired, grumpy mess.

We met with two potential in home babysitters for date nights and Mama's work trips.  One Kaitlin, One Liz.  We like them both - they are in college here - so given schedules - we'll probably use them both.  {Just in case you girls happen to catch this, we aren't cheating on you, we like flexibility for everyone.} They have more experience with babies than Ryan and I, so I wished I had found/contacted them while I was REALLY having a hard time...  totally would have been worth the price.

So.... I {heart} my bed....  Love me some sleep... Miss my sleep.  When I get in, and the sheets are all cold, and my blanket is all cozy, and my pillow mountains are surrounding me - I am in bliss.  Then sounds come from the baby monitor and I want to scream/cry {which ever suits me at the time}.

This morning Callen and I were ready  for work WAY too early, so I took a nap a 7 am... fabulous.

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  1. I find it just keeps getting easier. Logan sleeps all the way through most of the time now. I know I woke up at 3am last night because he fussed, gave him a pacifier, and didn't hear anything else until 6:30... But there are nights where I don't hear a peep. And there are nights (Like Saturday night) where he keeps me awake every hour... it just is what it is you know?