Friday, April 8, 2011

American Idol Broke My Heart!!

Don't have much time for this, it will be short and to the point. I am super swamped at work. But, I have something to say....

Callen and I {heart} American Idol.  We hang out and watch while he has his bedtime Milk Buddy. It's always from the DVR, so we don't necessarily watch it Live.  This will be the origin of the lesson I have learned...

I simply CANNOT believe that Pia got sent home! This is ridiculous!!!! I don't want to say bad things about other people, so I will not put into writing what I think about the ones I do not like, and don't think should have stayed over Pia.   Geeezz LaaaWeeezzzz!! Really America!? Are we that stupid! 

She is gorgeous, has a gorgeous voice and such a humble attitude!!

{We won't vote him off because of his singing ability, but because we don't want to look at ourselves in the mirror... Really?!? Are you kidding me?!?}

Some critics around my office say that maybe she got votes off because American Idol has mainly a female audience, at least its the females that vote and females are less likely to vote for another female who is so talented and so beautiful. 


I really hope she has a strong career ahead of her and go on to be a star, a ROLE MODEL FOR ALL THOSE FEMALES WHO WON'T VOTE FOR HER!!

Ok.. My lesson... 
Stop watching it after it's too late to vote, just because it doesn't fit in my evening routine that way.  Callen will just have to work around the Live show... we have priorities here... and picking the next American Idol OBVIOUSLY isn't going to happen correctly without my vote. =>

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  1. Dearest Jessica, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I agree that her talent outweighs some of her fellow bottom three-ers (and a few safe on the couch) it is the curse of being a beautiful woman in america...i'm sure you, as i, have experienced these prejudices. this frees her from her idol contract so that she can sign another contract and spread her wings in the diva world faster. with sincerest sympathies. ps. please console poor callen.