Monday, April 18, 2011

Attack of the Sticky Notes

So, sometimes my brain gets into a traffic jam. Many lanes. Numerous thoughts in each lane.  Never on just one highway.
When taffic picks up, I'm not always near paper and pen to keep up with it all.

This picture of my desk is what happens:

Sometimes I have blog ideas, shopping lists, 'Google It' lists, work task lists, 'Call this person' lists... you name it, I list it.  Have I mentioned that I am a list addict?

Breann {Parrot Head} uses Evernote. I decided to be a copy cat and download it. I am going to learn to use it and then have a traffic free brain.
By the way - Breann has plans to post about all her techy saavy and how it makes blogging {and her life} easier... Stay tuned... I will let you know when she does.

Until we chat again...

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  1. I will plan it for tomorrow. It can be the Totally Awesomeness Tuesday :)