Thursday, April 14, 2011

Purple Flats

I need some.
Recently I purchased these wedges.
thx google.
From Payless. Yea, I said it. Payless. I buy cheap shoes. How else can I support my habit?
Plus with all my animals, things get chewed on and peed on sometimes. I figure if they are going to destroy something It better be cheap, or else they might be banished to the crate.
On top of that, I change my mind a lot {you don't say!} and there is much less guilt involved in the number of shoes when their added value doesn't add up to more than my school loans.

I need some purple flats. In this shade of purple seen above. I am no opposed to some sparkle or some ruffle. I do not like pointy flats.

Any suggestions? {If your suggestion involved a pair of shoes that cost as much as my grocery bill, thats just NOT NICE!}


    $13...what do i win!!!
    $ these too, but like $13 better :)

  2. Brit, You win a trip to see Glee with me!!!

  3. I love me some DSW. With sales you can get some cheap stuff!