Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Need a Portable DVD Player

I'm discovering that children do not like to be in the car for 6 hours.  I guess I could have figured that out.  Even as his, not yet 6 mths old, he throws a little fit.

I think he's figured out that if he grunts like he's trying to poop, we will stop and let him out of the car seat to check for the mess.  Sure, I feel bad for him, but i'm stuck in the car too.

Here we are going to Nac.

Here we are on the way back, Eatin' some Chikin at Chick-fil-A.

You see he's a very happy rider most of the time.  It's about the 3 hour mark that I need to be able to throw on some Baby Einstein and keep him occupied. 

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Notice to the CoWorkers

This is what my 7:45a was like this morning:


There was a bug, the kind that will remain nameless because it’s gross and it usually likes nasty messes…. in the kitchen sink this morning – ALIVE and trying to get me.  Everyone knows, when there’s one bug, there’s a hundred more behind it.

I don’t mind washing some dishes, don’t even mind washing the coffeepots.  But I don’t like bugs.

If you make something dirty, please also clean it.  Water in a bowl for a week isn’t clean – bugs apparently like soapy food particles.

J Thanks kindly.

Who's ready for some Friday Fill-in's? ... I AM!  That's who!  I'm headed out of town this weekend, so hopefully I can get one in before I hit the road!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Torture I Tell You... Torture!!!

It's no surprise to everyone that the weather in the South {and other places} has been craptastic lately.  Luckily, Wichita Falls has been missed by the hellacious tornadoes of late, but Oklahoma is just over the River and it could've been us.

I've been checking weather.com every second frequently to know when to hide under my desk get ready.  Now that I have spawned, I am much more aware of post-apocalyptic possible Wal-Mart outages and a little freaked out about how I will feed said young-ling.  Ryan keeps telling me to chill out.  This coming from the man who wants me to stock up on enough water and canned beans to fill the garage.


EVERY TIME I visit the weather site, I see this, starting at me, TAUNTING ME!

If you look over to the left, and click the link Wanna See My Most Favorite Place? then you will understand why this is torture to me.

Not once, but many times a day, I dream of being there.  I wish I could live there.  Hell, I wish I was there right now.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Funny Story

Just a little funny tidbit for Tuesday.

Nick (aka Unckie Nickie), who sits next to me at work has a problem with his dryer.  It has to be jump started to function.  He says that he has to put his arm in there, give it a whirl, while holding the time button, then slam the door.

Funny, funny, visual.

His fiancĂ©e can't do laundry when he's not home because he's better at it.

Can you picture it?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun Post Day

Today's Fun Post Topic is "What is Your Most Viewed Post?"

Mine is Office Scavenger Hunt.

Have a great Sunday!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Rain in Spain....

OH.. just kidding.
The rain in Wichita Falls.  It's been a long time coming.  We seriously were about to burst into flames OR fall into the dry cracks in the earth.
I'm hoping now the Lantana I planted will actually survive.  Have I told you that story?  I have a black thumb. I killed Ivy once.  And a Cactus.

I had planted Lantana in some cool hanging plant bowls from Ikea.  Like the ones below, but black.  Way cool.  No drain hole.  See where I'm going with this?  They 'died.'  .......So I thought.
IKEA MYNTA Hanging planter - photo

They turned to flowerless brown twigs.  I buried them in the planting bed under my crepe myrtle {who can take care of itself, thank goodness}.  I covered them up to be with their maker.  Every so often, I would toss a little water their, just for grins and giggles.  One winter I even covered them with mulch, as if to protect them from one  of the Texas Blizzards we had coming.   One summer, I saw some little leaves come up.  I thought to myself, how did MINT get planted in my trashy leafy crepe myrtle bed?  {Lantana leaves look like mint when they are tiny, I swear.}  Then, just as I was coming up out of my PPD induced coma, I saw these!  

They're ALIVE!

I can nurture something into life!  Wow!  Whoda thunk it?   I did get a little burst of happiness and joy from this.   After some time, to be sure they weren't going to die again, I bought more and added them to the Lantana/ Crepe Myrtle Party.

I'm going to give them some time before I take pictures, just in case. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Good question.  A week just passed me by without warning.
I've been busy at work and pretty darn sleepy.

Let's recap some of the fun for this weekend.

Naps. This was me.  Man was I beat.

google image search.
Smallville SERIES FINALE.  That's all folks. A decade of my life. Gone.  I can't seem to erase it from my DVR.  He finally donned his iconic suit and fulfilled his destiny.  My household things it too WAY to long for him to learn to fly, but I watched every Friday none the less. {not sure where this poster came from, cause it's Fridays around here.}


We went to see Celtic Woman.  Yes.  They came to Wichita Falls.  We got a babysitter.  YAY!  This is not a picture from what we saw.  There was a no camera policy.  Not sure how this picture came about.  The set and costumes are the same.  There was a new member, Lisa Lambe, who is not pictured here.  The two on the right, in this picture, were not there.  So we had  Pink, Grey, and Green Celtic Women.  Ryan loves him some Irish gals.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Food Aversion at Work

I'm tyring to NOT gain weight after having a baby.  Not really working out for me.  Have I mentioned that I hate to sweat and I love to eat?  See how this is not a good formula for success?

I have a plan.

Anytime I want to snack.  I eat these.
Life Savers Mint Singles: 1000CT Case
Wint-O-Green.  Please.  Thank you. 

I hear the emit some kind of park when crunched.  Next time I'm "snacking" at work ...in the dark ...in front of a mirror - I'll let you know.

Meanwhile .. I have SUPER fresh breath.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mama's Day!


My Mama & Me!
This is my first.  Still struggling with PPD some, so it's been a hard weekend.  Well, after the week I had with no sleep, no wonder I've struggled.

Love my Callen. Don't love life changes. That's where I am.

Here's the backstory.
That's my mom up there. She died when I was {9}, on Mother's Day, 1991.  Sucky, Huh?  {I always wondered what kind of cosmic joke that was supposed to be.}  I've always known that things happen for a reason, and I am just tasked with finding out the lesson.
It was not some freak accident, she was not sick.  They were out partying and made some poor choices.  That's all.  It happens.  I've never held any animosity towards anyone, for anything. {If you are reading this, know that God chose what would ultimately happen that morning. It is what it is. I love you.}
Sure. I wish I had more of my life to share with her, but I wouldn't be there person I am, if things hadn't gone this way.  It may be an ugly thing to say, in some people's eyes, but that's how I grieve.
I spent the rest of my childhood and teenage years with my Dad.  Times that I go grieve, as he died {2} summers ago. Story for another post.

Having my own child, having my own Mother's day, has officially made the switch for me, from the Kids Table to the Grown Up table.

So here I go, setting my place, filling my plate, for the Grown Up table.


Of to DisneyWorld.  So I escape to the Kids Table for awhile.

Paula JoAnn Rankin Tanner

I got this, because she had one, but in another location.  Very Prison Break-esque.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Own Brand of Therapy

Sure.  Maybe I have some control issues.  A little bit of OCD.  Whatev's.  But this makes me feel better.  I can do it in my 5 minutes to myself.  It doesn't hurt anyone.

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Friday! Meet Some FAB New Friends!

I did! See.. Look... New Friends...

Maybe I just like her because she has freckles like me....Huummmm???

But of course!

She's going to be in Dallas tonight! 

I'm sure I will meet more throughout out the day, there are LOTS of New Friend Fridays around the blogsophere. But, lets not forget all the friends I already have!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Prayers for Andre

Hello.  My Name is Andre.  Dre for short.  I'm very sick right now.  My belly is in some serious trouble.  I may have eaten something I shouldn't have, but my Doctor just doesn't know yet.   My Parents are very worried.   I need your prayers.  My Mama needs your prayers.  

I stole this picture from Sarah's Facebook

“What is the price of five sparrows—two copper coins? Yet God does not forget a single one of them."
LUKE 12:6

Dre is my Bestie Sarah's Great Dane.  For as far as I can remember, she has wanted a Great Dane.  As anyone who has the pleasure of being owned by a dog knows, this little face isn't just a dog, it's someone's heart.   He's getting all the medical attention he needs, and we are all making sure it can happen, but a little divine intervention or protection would be appreciated. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Early Morning Brain Function

When I say early,  I mean EARLY.  3:30a kind of early.

My son had decided this week he will not sleep through the night.  Once he's woken up, and I get him to sleep again {by any means necessary} he wakes up again every hour.  So, I just stay up. What's the point in going back to sleep. 

I attempted to have some time to myself during these very early hours. Making coffee, trying out a new workout video {I KNOW... against my nature], catching up on DVR, and actually FULLY getting dressed for work.   Not the case.

I've only been able to pick one from the following tasks while showering each day this week,  {1} wash  {2} wash hair  {3} shave legs.  Only one, not two, definitely not three.  Any more than one seems to send signals to Callen that I am awake, therefore so must he.  Then, while wrapped in towel and and Turbie Twist atop my head, I get him out of bed, change him and take him into my bedroom so I can get ready.  He cries and fusses all the while {Even thought I put him in front of Jungle Junction}.  Thus leaving me with another option of choices, for getting dressed; {1} brush teeth {2} blow dry hair {3} put on makeup.  Again.  Only One.  Not Two.  Definitely Not Three.

If, while in the shower, I didn't have hope that he might NOT wake up  - I could just forgo washing my hair, so as not to have blow drying it as an option later on, therefore considering that maybe, just maybe I could brush my teeth AND put on makeup - but I always have hope {I have to have hope or I might not take any of these options}.

One Tree HillBefore the showering and getting ready debate, I attempted to catch up on some TV. I'm glad I just switched cable companies, because now I have like a month's worth of storage for my shows. I have at least two things recording, every hour, of every night. This morning I was able to watch bits and pieces of One Tree Hill.  Yeah, I said it One Tree Hill.  I'm a avid follower, have been since episode one. Story lines feel like they are winding down.  This makes me sad.

Doesn't this life look fabulous? I would like to live in Tree Hill. Although, my dream is to one day live in North Carolina. Maybe HERE.  Ryan..?... Colorado..Something like THIS.
This may be a problem...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Techy Super Mom

I am one of those moms that read every book about pregnancy and about babies.. too bad Callen didn't read those books too... things might have been easier.

So when I came across this, I had a small "jump for joy" in my chair at work.

Why, yes, I would like help planning my child's meals. How did you know?

You see that little chart on the right? Oh yeah baby,  A CHART! You can customize each meal. Quantity, Food Item, Meal. It's FAN-TAS-TIC!  I thought my son ate alot, but not 7 times a day. I'm alright with that... because I was able to customize the meals he does eat and see that we more than meet the minimum calorie needs.  Although we are still trying each food a week at a time, I was able to make a pretty chart.  I. Am. SO. Excited about customizing this week by week. So. Excited.

It is that it is brand specific. We don't use Gerber formula, but we eat Gerber foods.  
You also choose foods outside of the "Supported Sitter" category.  For instance - I buy the Stage 2 foods, because they are the same food, in more quantity, for $.03 more. Double the quantity $.03 more. HELLO. I can measure out the correct serving for that savings. 
You can't copy one day to the next. You have click, click, click to get each day planned out right. I'd like to copy and paste and then edit. I like super techy things, but I don't have all the time in the world. 

I've already warned Kellie that she should expect a print out on Monday and that it was OK if she giggled a little at me.  We've just been wingin' it all along. Which is ok. My Meal Plan is really just an organized version of our Wing It Plan, with the calorie, food group, and nutrient list. 


Any of you mom's have any cool techy mommy helper tools that you are using? I'd love to try them. If you tried this, what do you think of it?