Today I am grateful for:

Sweet T with Lemon.
Having friends who have "been there."
Finding a Snickers in my purse.

Callen has finally started to laugh and giggle. Better than the Zoloft sometimes.
Lantana that I let go dry and die three winters ago, bloomed again. I've been nurturing them all this time.
Purple nail polish.

Making flavored coffee at work and it not stinking up the office.
My new Jeep.
My child has learned to communicate in multiple sounds, rather than screams.

Mama time in Chicago.
Ryan and Callen waiting for me at the airport.
Great friends to travel with.

Not getting billions of emails at work.
Snack Factory Pretzel Chips. Oh My GEEZ they are good!
Free Books for Callen from United Way & Dolly Parton.

Coca Cola. No Diet. The Real Thing.
Sleeping babies.
Rain. Oh, the Sweet, Sweet Rain that fell down on Texas.