Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No More Brown Water!

This morning Callen and I were visited by two plumbers from Ferguson-Veresh, here in Wichita Falls.
We got a new water heater! It only cost me 7 1/2 bills baby! -Geez.. isn't there an "I'm on maternity leave and not getting paid" discount!?

{I guess it was better than me blowing that much on take out food since I've been pregnant, on bedrest, and on maternity leave. I'm NOT EVEN adding all that up!}

Has anyone ever got a new water heater? Did you know that all your faucets sputter the gross leftovers and lots of air afterwards?  Quite the gassy house I have...

Speaking of... time for a diaper change! {Bet you wish you had smell-o-vision on you computer, huh?}

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