Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Are Shoes For.....?

If any of you have heard comedian Jon Reep then you should be giggling a little...  he's SO funny.
So anyway, i have decided on a strike against shoes.  I'd prefer only flip flops.  These are not always appropriate for work.  I have a new plan.
Yesterday, I wore work appropriate shoes to the office.  I immediately took them off and left them under my desk.  At quittin' time I thought...  Why do I need to wear shoes to go home? I'll be there in 2 mins and I'm just going to leave them under the kitchen table anyway! So... there they lay, under my desk.
This morning, whilst getting ready for work, I thought.... Why do I need to put on shoes I have some at work!? I'm going to be there in 2 mins anyway, and I'm just going to leave them under my desk anyway!
So, here I am... barefoot and pregnant.. at work.  Who needs shoes {to wear - a collection is understood} anyway?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Someone Please Tell Ryan....

Someone please tell Ryan that I am not going to SMASH my uterus by bending at the waist!  I told him that when I can no longer bend at the waist, then it might be uncomfortable for the baby if I even tried it.
I mean, seriously, check out this chick....
I was just bending over to peel some tape off the baseboards.... its not like I was trying to make a pretzel out of my body.... sheesh!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

We're "Normal"

Not sure if I really fall into this category, but as far as my sequential screening is concerned (see previous post for details).... We are normal.  The Bun is not at risk.

Yeah for us!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Almost 11 Weeks!

Tomorrow marks 11 weeks... we are on the home stretch of the first trimester!! Today I had appointments for sequential testing.  This is a screening for Down Syndrome, Neural Tube defects, and Trisomy 18.  You can Google for yourself, but a combination of an ultrasound and blood tests are used to determine a risk level.
Honestly, after the last appointment, the most important part of today was this....


Picture Day!!!  

Look at those feet in the air and the little nose!! It's starting to look more and more like a baby!! Whoo Hoo!!

I am clear for all other "mom" related complications, such as being a carrier for cystic fibrosis, HIV (duh), etc. So now we just eat right and grow this baby!!  

Here's the news no one wants to hear... next sonogram won't be until 20 weeks, unless I experience something that they want to monitor.  That means, we have to wait 9 more weeks until we know if its a boy or girl. So hang on to your patience everyone, we'll get there! 

OH.. and lets all also pray for a 2010 birth... so my insurance doesn't roll over (wink, wink)!  

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby Must Know That Daddy Works Hard

I don't know about your husbands, but mine works his toushie off 5-6 days a week peddling Coca-Cola. Now that summer has come, those days are getting longer and longer... due to the increase of caffeine uptake and the hot temperatures here.

Lately, the "morning sickness" hits me sporadically in the afternoons with the belly aches and head aches.  I drink more water, I eat small snacks, I lay my head down, I wear my "sea-bands."  None of these things satiate my unborn child's reason for causing me discomfort. Until....

I broke down and popped the top of one of these... Good ole Coca-Cola Classic. No Diet. No Zero. Only the REAL thing with REAL sugar will do.
Apparently, thats what my child was telling me it MUST have! I know this is not a preferred beverage for the pregnant population, but the caffeine content is clearly labeled on the can and I am well within the limits.  Plus, with all the water I've been drinking, i'm sure to balance it out within a few hours.

Pregnant or not, we (baby and I) must support daddy working hard for us, we MUST DRINK COKE! We love daddy and we love coke!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Disney Mania!

I'm already dreaming and scheming my next Disney World vacation, this time with an extra one in tow!! This time I want to stay in the Animal Kingdom Lodge with a view of the savannah, I think you can actually get a glimpse of tigers and giraffe! I also really, really, REALLY, want to go during the Christmas season.  I'm think thats going to be a "no go" since Ryan can't take vacation time during peak Coke drinking seasons... but maybe I can aim for the first weeks in December instead!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Right Conditions for a Miracle

We had our next sonogram yesterday - which in all normal situations would have been the first one.  We got some bad news. Our little baby B didn't have a heartbeat and had stopped development at 8 weeks and 2 days. As you all may know, I am weird in the grieving and loss department, so needless to say - I AM OK.

It takes the right conditions for a pregnancy to actually happen and for it to say viable - this is why we say babies are miracles from God.  This little one just wasn't meant to make it to the world.  I am fully confident that all things in my life happen when they should and for good reason, even if I don't know those reasons immediately.  If God, that baby, and my body knew that something wasn't going right, then I am not in any place to question it all.

For now, baby A had a strong heartbeat, 176, and is right on path where he/she should be for 9w1d.  There are no statistics that anything bad will happen, so we are not in a danger zone.  They will continue to monitor me closely for any abnormalities, but this is actually a common occurrence in twin pregnancies - early on anyway.  It may resolve itself, or it may just go along for the ride to the end.

Everyone just know that we are happy that we are pregnant and that our family is growing and fully faithful in God that all things are in his plan.

Here is our baby B. As you can see the development is just not there.  We will remember that we tried our best but it just wasn't the right time.

Here is our baby A.  Right on par for what a 9 week fetus should look like.  It was all wiggly and had a strong heart.  

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

9 Weeks Today!!

Today we graduate from embryo's to fetuses.  Yeah babies!! No more embryonic tail (which daddy was not happy to know existed in the first place. Heart chambers are beginning to develop and little teeth are forming.  All the books and websites say that they are starting to look more "human-like."  Finally, no more aliens inside me!
Tomorrow is my next sonogram and my first official sit down with the doctor, nurse practitioner, and the clinic's pre-natal counselor.  I'm sure that we will cover all kinds of interesting things like insurance, estimated costs, weight gain, and how well we will all get to know one another over the next year.