Tuesday, November 23, 2010

34 Weeks... {and counting...}

Since we have weekly doctor visits, today is just one down a bunch more to go.... here's the update....

We had a sonogram first, Jenny {or favorite sono tech}  took measurements and hes a little boy, but not below average - given that there is margin for error in the estimates they make- he'll prob be just under or just about 6 lbs if we make it to 37 weeks.  He is all balled up in there still, his knees are smooshed up to his chest and his feet are in his face {poor thing!}.  His heart rate and breathing movements are good. He still looks like he has super big smoochers...  

I've been losing weight, 5 lbs at least {I say 8 lbs}, but Dr W thinks its because im "moving fluid" - peeing alot - you wouldnt believe how skinny my feet and ankles were this morning!  I forgot there were bones in there!!! Bedrest may suck... but I dont feel like i'm floating in my own skin anymore...

My BP isn't fantastic, but it is stable where it is... so off to another week we go!!  Have to do another 24 hr pee collection this week... {this is also one of the fantastic facts left out when people talk about pregnancy... collecting one's pee and putting it in an orange jug}  I have to start this 8 am thursday.... so i cant be gone long if we go somewhere to eat for thanksgiving...  I have another sono (a bpp) on friday morning at the hosp {since the clinic is closed for the holiday}.

I did ask her what the criteria/threshold we had to meet where I wouldn't risk being sent away to Fort Worth again - Ryan and I agreed that we would prefer to deliver here, and take the risk that IF he needed a NICU that he could be sent to Cooks Children. I just have this feeling that he is doing well and I have confidence and comfort in my doctors and nurses here that I want to deliver in Wichita Falls.  Feeling all this, I also feel that the nursery at United Regional, combined with our pediatrician can take perfect care of Callen if he's earlier than full term {37 weeks being the goal}.

Anyway.. Dr W said that this week, 34 weeks, is that milestone.  Especially since we had our steroid shots last weekend and that his measurements show that he is growing within a normal range.  So, as of today, whenever we deliver, however we deliver, we can do it in Wichita Falls.  I am ecstatic over this.. I bet my bp starts looking better and better - since I wont be thinking about that each time i take it!  

We are moving on to making it towards 35 weeks.. yeah!!

I am taking these positive feelings and allowing myself a few outings... but not up on my feet outings I assure you!

Tomorrow - Hunan's for the annual Secord & Lebow thanksgiving feast on fried rice!  Then a PEDICURE... I can't reach my feet... and I can get Ryan to run errands while I sit in the fantastic massage chair with Aunti Nichole!

Thursday - Thanksgivng some place where someone else is cooking. Something with Lance & Wendy or over at Laura's with Aunti Tiffany.... letting Ryan decide...

Friday - I'm also going to see HARRY POTTER damn-it!! I missed the midnite showing when it opened with Aunti Brittani....all i have to do is sit and enjoy, right?

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