Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Less Than 100 Days to Go!

26 weeks today! So SUPER excited!
We have been working on the nursery....  here's a picture...
It is quite a deviation on what I planned to do on this wall {see design board on previous post}, but I painted this design., very carefully, with the help of blue tape.  Touch ups have been done, but I didn't take a picture yet. 


I took a picture of myself last week, at 25 weeks....  here ya go...
I didn't include my face, so you couldn't see the amount of pain I am in having to take a picture of myself....


Shower planning is officially going on...  Invitations have been mailed out or are being mailed out soon.  The date for the Wichita Falls shower has changed - Nov 13 at 4pm.  Details arriving in your snail mail box! If you feel that you've been missed..  contact someone from that party's planning group {see previous post}.


I do NOT have Gestational Diabetes.  I never, ever, want to take that 3 Hour Glucose Tolerance Test again! The sugar juice was AWFUL - equivalent to 34 starburst, for breakfast, after not eating for 12 hours, after carb loading for 3 days, before not being able to eat for 3 more hours - Yuck.  The 4 sticks to my veins AWFUL - one hole sits for an hour, just long enough to bruise up, gets another poke, then do the same to the other arm, then pick up your heavy stack of books and magazines you've used keep yourself busy all morning - Yuck!

Luv you all!!


  1. yay for pics! and yay for no diabetes. I know it was torture but your such a trooper and those bruises are tiny :) also yay for eggplant - good bye papaya! can't wait for more pics of the nursery all fabuloso!

  2. I remember doing that with both boys. I threw up both times and had to retake the test. Infact i threw up almost the whole time I was pregnant.

  3. Eeek i only had to take the one hour test and i felt like crap for a good 24 hours after. Blegh. I am going to do my darndest to see you on the 23rd!