Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Early Morning Brain Function

When I say early,  I mean EARLY.  3:30a kind of early.

My son had decided this week he will not sleep through the night.  Once he's woken up, and I get him to sleep again {by any means necessary} he wakes up again every hour.  So, I just stay up. What's the point in going back to sleep. 

I attempted to have some time to myself during these very early hours. Making coffee, trying out a new workout video {I KNOW... against my nature], catching up on DVR, and actually FULLY getting dressed for work.   Not the case.

I've only been able to pick one from the following tasks while showering each day this week,  {1} wash  {2} wash hair  {3} shave legs.  Only one, not two, definitely not three.  Any more than one seems to send signals to Callen that I am awake, therefore so must he.  Then, while wrapped in towel and and Turbie Twist atop my head, I get him out of bed, change him and take him into my bedroom so I can get ready.  He cries and fusses all the while {Even thought I put him in front of Jungle Junction}.  Thus leaving me with another option of choices, for getting dressed; {1} brush teeth {2} blow dry hair {3} put on makeup.  Again.  Only One.  Not Two.  Definitely Not Three.

If, while in the shower, I didn't have hope that he might NOT wake up  - I could just forgo washing my hair, so as not to have blow drying it as an option later on, therefore considering that maybe, just maybe I could brush my teeth AND put on makeup - but I always have hope {I have to have hope or I might not take any of these options}.

One Tree HillBefore the showering and getting ready debate, I attempted to catch up on some TV. I'm glad I just switched cable companies, because now I have like a month's worth of storage for my shows. I have at least two things recording, every hour, of every night. This morning I was able to watch bits and pieces of One Tree Hill.  Yeah, I said it One Tree Hill.  I'm a avid follower, have been since episode one. Story lines feel like they are winding down.  This makes me sad.

Doesn't this life look fabulous? I would like to live in Tree Hill. Although, my dream is to one day live in North Carolina. Maybe HERE.  Ryan..?... Colorado..Something like THIS.
This may be a problem...


  1. well i'll go with you to North Carolina and josh can go with ryan. sorry that you only get to pick one. my vote...rotate your shower routine and wear pants. and i'd definitely pick brush my teeth. but you know how much effort i put into the morning routine :)

  2. Just take your tooth brush to work! I won't tell you to bring your make-up....but brushing is a must! ;)

  3. Those early wake up calls suck. I can't even cope with 5.30am. I have always been a night owl and hat mornings. I'm extra thankful for coffee these days! From Melissa, Poop of Others :)