Friday, August 5, 2011

Got Ideas?

Grab a Cup 'O Joe.  Take a seat and have a read.

I know I've not been the most devoted blogger this summer, BUT.... I'm hoping a little freshening up of the 'ole bloggity-blog will help keep me going into the fall.

I {heart} my background. I colors, the shapes, the designs.  I feel like my header needs some help, and I don't have the time patience to redesign it.  Along with that, I need a new grab me button.  I want to keep the owl, of course, but maybe a newly built owl?

I would also like a custom signature and maybe some new sidebar headers.

Any ideas where I can get this on the cheap?  Within my style?

So, THIS WEEKEND... What are you up to?  Me? What am I up to? Oh, it's so nice of you to ask.

Clayton, Ryan's nephew is here with us for two weeks.  It's been alright. They pretty much play World of Warcraft in their free time.   Tonight we will be out taking some pictures, with Jessica Wood.  I am so glad that she was able to squeeze us in while Clayton was here.  It's going to be a burning inferno GREAT!  We were scheduled a few weeks ago with Rachel Archer, but Callen decided to have a "i can't go poop" incident, therefore we did not make it.  We have been bumped down to the Christmas mini shoots.  I feel like I am cheating on one or both of them by openly sharing this information.

Other than this, I hope to get around to a task that I was supposed to complete while in maternity leave.  I have at least four empty picture frames in Callen's room.  Two of which are little crafty projects, the other two just need prints.  I hope to complete this task over the weekend.  Check back in Monday to see my progress.

A sidenote, I have mentioned that the very, very first blog I ever followed was Julie @ Joy's Hope.  While I was having my summer meltdown's I totally missed the birth of her first son, which I had been waiting and waiting for.  This little dude has made me fall in love with her cute little family even more.  It wasn't until more than a year in that I actually went back in archives and read the origin of the name of her blog.  I loved her even more.  Go check them out.  You will thank me.  She ALWAYS makes me happy.


  1. Hi Jessica! I'm stopping by from FTLOB. It's actually super easy to create your own button, header and signature! Just Google things like, "how to create your own button, blogger" and loads of info will come up! That's exactly how I did my entire blog.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I like the button, your header just needs to be bigger, that's all!

  3. I don't know if you're looking for a completely new look or not (b/c your current look is great), but here is a website with $5 blog designs if you are looking for a complete redo.

    I purchased one when I first started my blog and I loved it!