Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 2: [15 Day Challenge]

Day 2: 30 interesting facts about yourself.

O.M.Gosh. Really? I don't think I'm that interesting.

{1}I was president of the Math Honor Society in High School, but I barely passed Pre-Calculus and Calculus because it's just not my forte.

{2} I still sleep with my "woobie."  The quilt my mother made for me while she was pregs.

{3} My sons middle name is Jax. Because I wanted it to be Jaxon. By I have a dog named Jaxon.

{3} I really wanted my sons middle name to be Rankin, my mom's maiden name, but meanie Ryan nixed that.

{4} I have a weakness for nacho cheese Doritos dipped in FritoLay bean dip.

{5}I love shoes but most days I take them off as soon as I get to work. And walk around barefoot all day.

{6} I can make a meal from anything - anything - in my pantry.

{7} I have a very hard time throwing away pens that still have ink in them.  It's kinda about 'completing a task."

{8}I have a Harry Potter poster hanging at my desk. Right next to my State of Texas, Board of Architectural Examiners Interior Design Registration Certificate... cause im cool like that.

{9} I always wanted to be as gracious and as kind and as beautiful as my friend Courtney, from college.

{10} I don't like vanilla scented candles. My dad said that my mom was addicted to them when she was pregnant. I think they are gross.

{11} I have a tattoo of a star on my big toe. My mom had one too, but not on her toe.

{12} I still remember many of the words to many of the New Kids on the Block songs.

{13} I can't do the "MC Hammer" anymore. Somehow I forgot....

{14} I get excited by color coded spreadsheets. It makes me warm inside. I am the original Excel-A-Master.

{15} I love, love, love avocado.

{16}Open toilet lids feels like an open zipper to me.  Almost like you are showing your private parts.

{17} It drives me batty when closet doors are left open, especially at night. see #18.

{18} I am afraid of the dark.

{19} I won't stick my hand into the garbage disposal to retrieve important items. It will stay in there until Ryan gets it out.

~I had to take a break here and then ask Ryan for some help~

{20}I wish I could live at DisneyWorld. In an apartment above the shops on Main Street, USA at the Magic Kingdom.

{21} I loathe crumbs in the butter or the peanut butter.

{22} I loathe drippy sticky stuff on the syrup, ketchup, jelly... Why?!

{23} I loathe when you tear the protective cover off of the peanut butter or baby formula, you can't get the last bit off the ring.

{24} I can get sunburned within 20 minutes of being outside without protection.

{25} It took me 10 minutes to give birth to my son. Then I asked "Can I eat breakfast now?"

{26}I have 45 shows scheduled on my DVR.  I watch them all.

{27} My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice.  I am going to read Sense and Sensibility next.

{28} My office mate, Nick, thinks it is interesting that I burp out loud.

{29}I laugh hysterically when people pass gas. Weird. I know.

{30} I close my eyes and put my fingers in my ears and sing "la la la la la" until someone changes the channel when the SPCA commercials come on. Otherwise I would cry, the ugly face cry.


  1. Nothing wrong with asking for help :) took me awhile.
    Everyones afraid of the dark sometime or another wether they admit it or not. Sometimes i am to if its Pitch black.

  2. Whaaaa?! It only took you 10 minutes of labor to push out your son? I love that breakfast was your priority. :)

    Also, you're the fourth person I've heard call their quilt or blanket a woobie. Is this a southern thing? I hadn't heard of it until I moved to Texas.

    I loved all your facts, regardless of if you needed help thinking of some at the end!

  3. Open toilet lids feels like an open zipper to me. Almost like you are showing your private parts.

    I AGREE!!! I keep on Jason about this and remains open. So I keep my door on the dresser open - which drives him crazy. I told him I'll close it when he closes the toilet seat.

  4. I recently went to Disney World for the first time a couple weeks ago. It's amazing. I would be your neighbor on Main Street. Something where I can see the castle from my window everyday. That would be perfect.

  5. Woobie! That is from Mr. Mom and the very young people in my office have no idea what a woobie is. I love that you use that term because that is what I call Logan's "lovie."
    I would take me forever to think up 30 things about myself! Loved this, so funny!