Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Having a Baby TODAY!.... WHOA.....

So.... its 4 {ish} am...... I'm awake.... crazy enough, that alone....

I'm being induced in... oh, say..... less than 2 hours.... I still have to feed, bathe, and pack the Jeep.... Ryan's sleeping nicely in our warm bed {he's a good sleeper - we'll see tonite if Callen inherited this}, as are my house guest - Aunt Lindsay, Uncle Matt, and Mimi.  

I havn't slept a full night in like 5 days... all kinds of reasons.... we'll talk about this evening in particular...

It all started.... {9 mths ago... no, just kidding}.....  with a day full of activity, doctor's appt's and incoming travelers.  Lindsay and Matt have been here since Friday, I havn't been doing my share of "bedrest" since then... don't know how I thought I would.  Today I had my last Sono with Jenny and my last appt with Dr.W then a "pre-admit" with the hospital {never heard of that until last week}.  Sono was great, Jenny estimated that Callen will be 6 lbs even... and she wants to know when he's born how close she got.  Dr. W says I'm a "good 3 cm" dilated  and 90-100% effaced.... {yeah, i'm headed downhill!}... then she does some gross things {i'll spare you}... then she says, "let's hope you make it to tomorrow morning."  Wow, great thing to tell a person like me.. whatev's....  Pre-Admit and the hops was pretty un-eventful, they take MORE tubes of blood.. like 7 MORE... whatev's.

Then... "huum... I'm feeling kinda crampy..." {this is my brain talking to me} "Whatev's... what's for dinner? wonder where Ryan and Matt are?  What else do I need to get packed? Man, AM I looking forward to an evening on the sofa watching tv!"

I guess the gross things she did started contractions, pretty good ones, pretty regular ones.  Needless to say, I was grumpy and uncomfortable all evening {although I ordered a chocolate shake from Chili's to make it better}.

Anyone knows Ryan, knows that 'grumpy' is not his favorite of my moods... I've been pretty upbeat this whole pregnancy with a good sense of humor.. but having a house full of people and crampy contractions ain't funny business...

No sofa and tv for me all night, just a little... I was too worried over getting everything packed and making sure Ryan knew, grumpy or not, this is IT.  I decided to stop paying attention to contractions and go to bed... I did get 2 +/- hrs of sleep, in between crampy-ness, but then.. here I am.... on the computer...

But it is nice to have some time to myself before all this chaos hits.

We'll keep you updated! Ryan's gonna facebook it!

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  1. Best Wishes on a safe and healthy delivery for you and your little guy!!!!
    It's all worth it!!!
    Love: The Berryman Family