Saturday, December 18, 2010

We're Home..

We got home from the hospital yesterday evening.... Whew!!

I had to stay some extra time because my blood pressure just isn't where Dr W would like to see it.  I am back on the blood pressure meds.... but thats ok by me.

I'm sorry I haven't posted any pictures or stories yet....  I am just really a hot mess on the inside right now.

Labor and delivery was surprisingly fast and furious....  contractions are the worst pain I have ....ever..... felt.... in... my... life.....  Callen pushed a little hard on the 'ole cervix when I was getting my induction drugs through IV... and broke my water.... he was ready to come out....  the contraction came SO FAST and SO HARD... one more horrible than the last.... thank goodness the anesthesiologist was quick to get to me... I honestly don't think I would have come out alive {super dramatic.. I know... but this is how I felt}.... he was here in twenty min's of pushing... crazy....I KNOW.... minimals damage to mom... I already feel great {blood pressure and hormones aside}.....

Outside I'm looking all put together and all that... but on the inside... I am still a new first time new mom with the cutest, sweetest baby in the world... We'll make it, of this I am sure, but I still get all discombobulated a lot.....

This may be it for a while.. if any of you are friends with Ryan on facebook, there are pictures!

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  1. Congrats!! Sounds like you had an eventful birth for sure! I told you, contractions SUCK but I am glad they got you relief really fast. I had to wait 8 hours for that epi! Can't wait to see photos.
    Don't worry, every single person home with a new baby is freaked out and TIRED. Logan has been home 2 weeks and we are just now feeling normal - except for his growth spurt that threw us off.