Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nursery!! We are READY for Callen!

We've been trying to get the nursery in order, to get ready for Callen Jax...  Here are the pics!
View from the entrance.  Daddy & Uncle Lance put up a new ceiling fan. I don't like overhead lights, so you'll notice it's not on, but the grapevine lamp right by the crib along with the lamp in the corner are great. There are also empty frames on the back wall, waiting for some custom artwork.

This is our busy, busy wall.  We painted the light blue and orange.  The rest are vinyl decals Mimi bought for us.  You can see the owls Aunti Brittani made on the shelves... they are hanging out together. 

Here's the crib.... I hope to be able to put wooden letters on this wall.  Now that the decals are up, I think I'll just do his name, instead of the whole alphabet.  

New closet doors and shelf above.  Breakables and softies go up there for now. 

This is proof that we are taking measures to keep the animals out of the room when we are not in the nursery.  We use one at the kitchen door for when we want to keep the dogs at bay... it works great.  The cats are even confused by them.  They just sit and stretch their paws through the bars like they are in jail!

I'm a labeling fool..... I told you when I got the Post-It label roll I WOULD USE IT!

This is where diapers, wipes, and heath items will be homed - when my stash of diapers isn't so large.  See below...

Inside the closet.... I've tried to organize and label to the best of my ability.. but I still find myself moving things around and shifting "categories."  I'm sure I will continue to do this for a while.  {See the diaper stash?  I've counted.... I have about 580 newborn diapers and about 200 size 1 or 2.  From what I understand and can calculate, this will get me through a couple months.}

Ok, this is my SassyAss Sateen - love her to pieces.  This is her chair.  She has yet to realize that it has been relocated from the living room to the nursery.  I acquired this from Amanda Prindle a few years back.  It's a tiny, made perfect for me, rocking chair.  It has about 5 layers of paint {lead paint no doubt} on it - so it will only be in the nursery until Callen starts to move around and play in there, don't want him getting paint in his mouth.  Ryan says that it can only stay in the nursery IF i make cushions for it, so the fabrics that you see draped over it, under Sateen, are what  I'm thinking about using.  And before you ask about how she made it through the gate at the door, don't worry, she was granted permission because I was in there playing.

I snuck out and went to Target shopping.  I felt kinda cheated out of being able to buy things for MY OWN baby!  All along in pregnancy I kept telling myself, as were others, to wait until after showers to buy things, 'cause you never know what you will get.  Well, then I got put on bedrest....  BOOOO!  So, I was having a good couple of says, blood pressure wise, so I told Ryan, "I'm going to Target, you are welcome to come with me."  This is just one of the few outfits I picked up for myself.  

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