Friday, December 3, 2010

We are ON the Calendar!

Visit with the doctor went well yesterday... except for the wait... some days are just hectic around there.  But, hey, what the hell else do I have to do all day... these are my outings {except for when I snuck out to Target, shhh}.

My blood pressures have been great, was even within normal range when Rene {my nurse} took it... this was new... I felt like there should have been some balloons dropping... like I accomplished something... by doing NOTHING! What a novel concept...

Anyway.... Dr Winfrey was excited by all this and says...  "Welp, how does the 14th sound to you?  That's the day you turn 37 weeks, and there's not need to continue risk and continue blood pressure medication if he's term."  This is my ONE chance to choose what I want in my life {instead of being victim to it} and I freeze... "Uumm... Ok, I'm not doing anything any day anyway" I say, "Wait, what day of the week is that? What day of the week is TODAY? Should I check with the girls? Maybe I need to call Jane?"  Ryan says, "Is that a good day for Callen and is that a good day for YOU {to Dr W}?"  She says he's term and its a good day for him.

OK!  December 14th it is!

Now, whether he's born on THAT day or the NEXT remains to be seen.

Anyone feel free to call me if you want to know about the hospital's visitation policy or the DeWitt visitation policy {as if I had one}.

Luv you all!

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  1. i'm looking forward to holding him on the 17th... he should be all rested up and ready for visitors... right? super excited... countdown is officially on!