Friday, May 27, 2011

Notice to the CoWorkers

This is what my 7:45a was like this morning:


There was a bug, the kind that will remain nameless because it’s gross and it usually likes nasty messes…. in the kitchen sink this morning – ALIVE and trying to get me.  Everyone knows, when there’s one bug, there’s a hundred more behind it.

I don’t mind washing some dishes, don’t even mind washing the coffeepots.  But I don’t like bugs.

If you make something dirty, please also clean it.  Water in a bowl for a week isn’t clean – bugs apparently like soapy food particles.

J Thanks kindly.

Who's ready for some Friday Fill-in's? ... I AM!  That's who!  I'm headed out of town this weekend, so hopefully I can get one in before I hit the road!

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