Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Friday! Meet Some FAB New Friends!

I did! See.. Look... New Friends...

Maybe I just like her because she has freckles like me....Huummmm???

But of course!

She's going to be in Dallas tonight! 

I'm sure I will meet more throughout out the day, there are LOTS of New Friend Fridays around the blogsophere. But, lets not forget all the friends I already have!


  1. Thanks for including me in this post! I followed your blog and added you to my page of fav blogs :) Are you guys in Dallas? If so would love to see you at the show tonight!

  2. I heart you, my friend! Have a great weekend full of naps!

  3. I wish we were going to be in Dallas tonight, but we are close! Just 2hrs! I'm going to be napping t home. It's been a long with with CJax.