Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Food Aversion at Work

I'm tyring to NOT gain weight after having a baby.  Not really working out for me.  Have I mentioned that I hate to sweat and I love to eat?  See how this is not a good formula for success?

I have a plan.

Anytime I want to snack.  I eat these.
Life Savers Mint Singles: 1000CT Case
Wint-O-Green.  Please.  Thank you. 

I hear the emit some kind of park when crunched.  Next time I'm "snacking" at work ...in the dark ...in front of a mirror - I'll let you know.

Meanwhile .. I have SUPER fresh breath.


  1. So.... I need to get the Godiva truffles our of my drawer? This may take some time to process.

  2. i hate feeling deprived but a cherry cola honestly helps curb my appetite...and then i need another and another, hahaha

  3. I love wintogreen mints, and can't believe I forgot about them! Oh, and btw... they DO spark when you bite them. :) Great idea. I need to add them to my grocery list right now.