Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Moo's

I {heart} For the Love of Blogs.  It is always there to give me a good read when I'm down.  It is always there to save me when I can't think of something witty to post.  

So here you have it, Monday Moo's.  Answering the blogosphere's most wanted questions... {well, at least a few other FLTOB readers' questions}

King Corvid asks:
        "What do you do when you run out of things to do on the internet
Well, I'm glad you asked.  Once I've read all the blogs I can read without feeling guilty about taking time out of work {even though I am allotted one hour of 'general office' a day}, and after all my email accounts are checked, I turn to my spreadsheets and calendars.  These are related to any and all things DeWitt.  Finances, events, things to do.  I've got a small control problem.  I am seeing a counselor since I developed PPD, don't worry. :)

Delaney ask:
         "How do you gain and keep followers?"
I'm pretty crap at this.  I don't put in nearly as much effort as many others.  I think this is in part to my fear of obligation.  I worry that if I gain too many followers that I will feel pressured to post every day and that it be OH SO interesting.  I sort of like my slow growth.  I do like hanging out on sites that have linky's and such, like FTLOB, because I get to meet so many new blog friends.  And that is what it's all about, right?

Emma asks:
         "What are your blogging inspirations?"
My life, of course.  The crazy and wonderful and infuriating and fabulous life that I have.  I like to share.  I talk to much. This is a good compromise.  We also live far from both our families, so my blog started as a way to share baby updates, then started as a way for me to share when my PPD kicked in and I didn't want to see the world.  Now, it's a way for me to speak to close friends, when I don't have time to email or talk on the phone.  It is most definately, the best way for me to get inside my own head, to empty it out, and 'let it go.'
Do you edit your posts?"
Not sure what all this question entails.... I do edit my posts frequently, because my fingers and my brain do not cooperate and I spell things wrong very often.   Then sometimes I accidentally post when I mean to preview, therefore requiring an edit. 
How much time do you spend blogging?"
I will nether confirm nor deny any certain amount of time.  But lets just say I could make it a part time job. Unfortunately, for my followers, I read more than I write sometimes. 

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