Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vistin' H-Town!!

So... the Travelin' DeWitt's as we are, we went on another road trip this weekend.  Texas is pretty big, and it takes a while to get places.

I am from Houston and Ryan is from Nacogdoches, and our respective families and friends are in those towns.  We don't get to Houston much, because two more hours, for a total of seven, is pretty rough.  We get to Nacogdoches pretty often, Ryan's mom sometimes has withdrawals when we don't.  Ryan is the first of her children to move away from here, then we went and had a baby.  Her other grandson lives with her, so you see where she might get anxious.

This time we went to Houston.  I had to go to Mediation for my Dad's Estate.  It's been a long process to get here, and a pretty unpleasant one.  I'm glad we were able to reach a settlement - neither of the two sides are 100% happy, but at least we can move forward.

We started off our adventure at my Brother's.  He lives in Coldspring, Texas.  It's by Lake Livingston.  My dad has/had property there also.  He didn't get a chance to finish building his house.  My brother IS building his house.  He failed to mention that there are no sinks in his house and not really a kitchen.  We were surprised when we arrived.  I grew up in housing construction, so it was alright.

Let't take a mental break. Callen was.
I ride into Houston with my Brother for Mediation.  It was practically right next door to where Breann works!  I'm a goober and didn't realize this until days later.
Ryan drives up to Nacogdoches and back for the day to hang out with his family.  We meet back at my brother's, then pack up.  We decide that we should go back into Nacogdoches for the rest of the weekend because his Dad is in town only for a few more days.  He works in Africa.  We see him when we can.  Callen loves his Pops.

How bout a snack? Callen was.
Drive back into Houston to eat at Tia Maria's.  Why you might ask?  #1 We had origianlly thought we were going to be at my Brother's the whole weekend, so this wouldn't have been such a drive.  I made plans with the girls.  #2 I wasn't going to pass up good food and friends.
We ate lunch Aunti Sarah and Luke, Breann and her brood of boys {Lee, Logan, & Unka Bunny} - CHECK US OUT HERE! Then we went to see Aunt Lindsay and Unckie Matt at Lindsay's parents, where they were hanging out for the day.  We were busy bees.  Back to Nac, where we drove past an ENORMOUS wildfire.  We went to eat at Auntie Pasta's for Father's Day.  Another of my favorites.  I ate too much.

On the road again.....  Back to the Falls.  Man were all three of us tired of being in the car.  Mama's new Jeep sure wore it's tires!   We also drive through some SERIOUS wildfires on this day.  I sure hope Texas makes it through the burning inferno.  Pray for us.  We need rain.

We ate at this AWESOME place just outside of Fort Worth called Boston's.  I had this fantastic Flatbread Pizza.  Callen gummed on the crust.
This may be cheating, but I'm using this to link up to Tasty Tuesday.  I never have yummy recipes to add, partially because I'm much better at being an Eater Outer instead of being a Eater Inner.

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