Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Post Office @ the Lunch Hour. Don't Do It.

Sheesh...  You'd think it was friggin' Black Friday at Target or something!

Here's an idea of what I saw when I walked in the door.  That little sad child walking away....? That's me.


Worst part?  There was one {yeah, swallow that ONE} mail clerk at the counter. 
Sent Hottie Hubs back later in the day.  NOT during a time when all of Wichita Falls is mailing something at once.  You may remember a few days back when I ferked up our bills pretty good... Today I WAS trying to mail out my FIRST new JEEP payment.  I am going to Little Miss Pattie Perfect with Bill Paying from now on. 


  1. Aww, hehe, I feel your pain...my hubby and I are always having to send his albums out at the post office and the line is always too long!

  2. I will NEVER go to the post office again (aka the seventh circle of hell). This is because my husband has the misfortune of working directly across the street from a massive post office. So sad for him! I mean, sometimes you just need stamps!

  3. Yeah... still haven't gone.. dadgum.