Friday, May 14, 2010

Off to Mimi's

We've been waiting impatiently to tell Jane about the babies, but we really wanted to tell her in person. We new that we would be staying at her house on the way out for our cruise so we would have a chance to tell her then.  I had Nick in my office make these graphics for me so I could iron them on to onsies to give to her as Mother's Day gifts, along with the latest sonogram picture of course.  We started with this one.....
Then after that set in...  we gave her this one....
She almost didn't believe us! And Aunt Elsa thought we were pullin her leg!!

Well, we are off to Galveston to board the Carnival Esctasy for our trip to Mexico! With Doctor's approval of course!  I guess this is going to be the last vacation for a LONG while!

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