Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Right Conditions for a Miracle

We had our next sonogram yesterday - which in all normal situations would have been the first one.  We got some bad news. Our little baby B didn't have a heartbeat and had stopped development at 8 weeks and 2 days. As you all may know, I am weird in the grieving and loss department, so needless to say - I AM OK.

It takes the right conditions for a pregnancy to actually happen and for it to say viable - this is why we say babies are miracles from God.  This little one just wasn't meant to make it to the world.  I am fully confident that all things in my life happen when they should and for good reason, even if I don't know those reasons immediately.  If God, that baby, and my body knew that something wasn't going right, then I am not in any place to question it all.

For now, baby A had a strong heartbeat, 176, and is right on path where he/she should be for 9w1d.  There are no statistics that anything bad will happen, so we are not in a danger zone.  They will continue to monitor me closely for any abnormalities, but this is actually a common occurrence in twin pregnancies - early on anyway.  It may resolve itself, or it may just go along for the ride to the end.

Everyone just know that we are happy that we are pregnant and that our family is growing and fully faithful in God that all things are in his plan.

Here is our baby B. As you can see the development is just not there.  We will remember that we tried our best but it just wasn't the right time.

Here is our baby A.  Right on par for what a 9 week fetus should look like.  It was all wiggly and had a strong heart.  


  1. jess im glad that things are okay... everything does happen for a reason and we are just happy that you have the little miracle that you do!. we love you..

  2. Jessi!!

    I am so happy (and so sad) all at the same time. First hearing the news of you becoming a mommy and now hearing that little baby B just wasnt ready for this world....keep your faith and know that God is already using that little one as baby A's guardian angel. You are in my prayers.....much love, Katie (Mayor) Zell