Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Are Shoes For.....?

If any of you have heard comedian Jon Reep then you should be giggling a little...  he's SO funny.
So anyway, i have decided on a strike against shoes.  I'd prefer only flip flops.  These are not always appropriate for work.  I have a new plan.
Yesterday, I wore work appropriate shoes to the office.  I immediately took them off and left them under my desk.  At quittin' time I thought...  Why do I need to wear shoes to go home? I'll be there in 2 mins and I'm just going to leave them under the kitchen table anyway! So... there they lay, under my desk.
This morning, whilst getting ready for work, I thought.... Why do I need to put on shoes I have some at work!? I'm going to be there in 2 mins anyway, and I'm just going to leave them under my desk anyway!
So, here I am... barefoot and pregnant.. at work.  Who needs shoes {to wear - a collection is understood} anyway?

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