Thursday, August 11, 2011

Being Mobile and Making Babbles

Little Callen boy has started to make more sounds.  He used his tongue to make some of these sounds.  He says Baaa... Buuubbaaa...  Bluuuh.... Blaaahhh...  Very sophisticated.

He also blows spit, otherwise known as a 'razz' I guess.  He also <> at the top of his little lungs, just for fun, then he laughs about it.  Maybe I didn't need those two steroid shots for his lungs when I was in the hospital in Ft Worth - or - maybe those two shots made this new communication possible.  

He is quiet mobile now as well.  He gets very excited about getting to a particular point and then pulling up to get something.  I am not as excited.  The coffee table is now void of all objects.  If I'm wearing elastic waistband pants, he pulls them down.  He follows me around from my bedroom, closet, and bathroom each morning.  He's not happy that I can walk faster than he can crawl.

We started introducing the Dogs and Callen to playing together on the floor.  Jaxon doesn't really care much for it, he's just happy to be in and on the sofa - IF there is a Callen toy on the floor, it becomes a Jaxon toy.  He's a toy hoarder.  Tootise gives him a little sniff and circles him once or twice, then goes to find somewhere to curl up.  Leo {Boogie} luuvs him some Callen.  I think they are going to be good friends.  As it stands, Callen feed Leo his snacks from his booster seat and lets Leo lick his hands when they are covered in baby food.  Sure way to make buddies with a dog.  Leo completely encompasses Callen in little dachshund circles and proceeds to lick and lick and lick and lick.  Callen pushes him away with his feet.  Leo takes a break.  Then it starts all over again.

What are your babies up to?

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