Monday, August 22, 2011

{Frogs} and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails...

That's what my little boy is made of.  He's growing so fast and getting so big.  In fact, he's kind of a giant.  Just a good old fashioned boy.
He's always tumbling around, bumping his head, pulling the tails of my animal babies.  And here you see, eating a frog.  A friend of mine on facebook said "Wait until that's a real frog hanging from his mouth."  Barf!!  I will jsut D.I.E.  My mother in law made mention while I was pregnant about how her boys always showed up with wriggly things in their pockets from outside.  Again, I. Would. Just. D.I.E.

I guess that's why little boys have Daddy's.

Here's another sneak peak from our photo shoot from a couple of weeks ago with Jessica Wood.  In true Monday Mama fashion, I have forgotten the CD with all the pictures at home, so please enjoy the picture that I have already put on facebook this weekend.

Have a {MAGICAL} MONDAY & Happy Reading My Friends!

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  1. He is so GQ - that second pic looks like a future of a future of breakin' hearts and taken names...too cute!