Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 8: {15 day Challenge]

Day 8: What is one of your favorite television shows? Explain.

Well.... I would be lazy and direct you back in time a day or so.... to see the extensive list of shows that I cannot live without and the new shows I am about to embark on.
But... I won't just leave it at that, I'll talk some here as well.

Choosing a favorite TV show is like choosing a favorite color, It's damn near impossible and is entirely dependent upon my mood and season in life.

I guess I could look at which show has stuck with me through the years, never getting pushed aside for something new, never getting left to gather virtual dust on the DVR memory.  A show that I still have not deleted the series finale from said DVR, because then it would symbolize and end to specific time in my life. Oh, lets say 19-29... those are supposed to be the best years. right?

I waited anxiously for its arrival, in the first year I was in college.  I watched even more anxiously as the story line progressed to where I knew it had to go one day.  I watched the series finale with exhilaration, in the first year I was a mother.  When it was over I felt a small emptiness in my soul.

What would I do on Friday nights? Look at what had transpired over the years I have become and lived as an adult?  I was just forced, by the ending of a television series, to close a chapter in the book of my life.  Man, I hope they make a movie take off from right now at this moment in the story, with the CORRECT actor as superman.

Smallville. Yes, Smallville.

Don't know where this came from.
Also, don't know where this came from.
Yes, Tom Welling as Superman. He should have been in the movie. Not the one who became the bad guy on Chuck, that's for dang sure. Although both quiet attractive, Tom's got my vote.

I have always been a sucker for comic book movies and shows.  I have always loved Superman shows.  Lois & Clark was definitely on my list of shows before this one.

I wonder what show will symbolize the beginning of this chapter of my life? Perhaps NCIS: Los Angeles, I did get inspired for my son's name {Cal-len, not Colin. Will he hate me for this when he's older? Or will he thank me for naming him after such a bad-arse dude?}

Maybe it will be one of the new shows I've picked up this fall?  it's conceivable that I won't even know until its over, if I am ever again forced to close a chapter by its ending...


  1. I Love Smallville! I remember when it first started. My husband and I have every season on DVD and I do watch them quite often.

  2. I have a hard time picking just one as well. My all time favorite is Friends. My current? I guess I have to look at the week and see what I am most excited to see - it's usually Glee.