Friday, March 25, 2011

Poopin for Pears

There comes a time when your child jsut can't get enough to eat - if this falls outside pediatrician recommendations, oh well.

This week we started rice cereal by spoon, at the same consistency it would be in a bottle.

He also has a hard time pooping sometimes, so I decided to try some baby food pears.  He's still learning to eat from the spoon and gets a little frustrated from how slow the spoon is compared to the bottle, but he likes the pears!

Oh.. and he BLEW. UP. HIS. DIAPER.  Yea for poops!  Speaking of poops, there's a funny blog I've been reading... The Poop of Others.  There are so many other funny moms out there, it inspires me to work on getting my sense of humor back.

Check out Callen Poopin for Pears...

1 comment:

  1. JESS! That is YOU as a baby!!! He looks exactly like you!