Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 2

Ok, yesterday went well.  I got out the door on time, fully dressed...

It was nice to be at my desk again, talking to adults, hanging out with the girls.  Although, as I am coming in Nichole is headed out. She's 38 weeks preggo this week... time for her to go home an incubate.  Brittani is also leaving, in like 3 weeks... her hubby got his orders and they are off to New Mexico.  Just me and Tiff left... oh and Nicholas...

Kellie said that Callen was a good boy with her.  Then he turned into a fussy baby when Daddy picked him up.  When I got home I wanted him to run and say Mama!!!  A little to early for that I guess.

This morning didn't go as smoothly.  We've never had a routine, and now it's time to have one, so we are working it out together.  I am fully dressed though..

Breann starts work today.... thinking about her.  Check in with her HERE.

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