Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is That the Sound of Angel's Singing?

I'm chillin' at home... while new cable and internet are installed at my house.  I scheduled them for the 12-4 time block so Ryan could take care of this.... because I need to work... they both called and said, "We're Here! Is that Ok?".... Sure party at my house. During work hours. Days before a major deadline. Who has the wine?

I'm reading magazines. Home alone. Checking e-mails. This alone is cause for angelic voices.

But then, what shows up in my inbox, but the most awesomest image ever, ever!

This image belongs to the Container Store, sent to my email as an add.  Does that cover the copyright stuff?

Remember last week's Friday Fill-in's? Where I had to list ways to annoy me? I can now prevent this from every happening again! Now... just to have excess funds to design such a fridge interior? {I AM an Interior Designer...}


  1. Have you gotten so far as to price out these knick knacks?

  2. Not yet, but I did go look at the selection online. If I weren't so busy at work, I'm sure I would have had an elevation of my fridge with keynotes and item numbers!