Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 1: [life of love]'s 15 Day Challenge

Ooo Ooo I wanna play! That's what my inner voice said when I read this. Here's the scoop on ths link up. No extra time involved, just a little 'getting to know you.'

Day1: Discuss your current relationship status.

I am married. That's my relationship status.  Ryan and I been together 5 yrs 7 mths and married almost 3 yrs.  With no break ups. That's a record for us both. {Is that weird to say when you are headed into your thirties?)

He's the sweetest and most genuine man that has ever been in my life.  He came along just when I needed him. I always say that he dials me back a few notches.  I too, and pretty high strung, and prone to panic attacks.  I can say that I havn't had a single panic attack in 5 years.  We laugh all the time.  He's the best and hugs and kisses.  He's also a big old geek. Like World of War of Warcraft, SyFy, and Wheel of Time....  yea. i. know.

With that I should also say that my NEW relationship status is Mama.  Callen is 9mths old and is a silly goober.  I'm learning how to do this, day by day.  Ryan is the bestest daddy that I could ever have asked for Callen.

Overall, I think I'm doing good.


  1. I'm pretty sure that "mama" is the best relationship status you can have. :) Thanks for linking up; can't wait to read more!

  2. Agree with Sarah - Mama is a great status!