Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 11: [15 Day Challenge]

Day 11: What if your favorite movie and why?

My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice.  Not the new one, the original A{and}E Classic.  Technically its a TV mini series, but I have it on DVD and I watch it in one sitting, so its a movie. 

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I actually can't stand to see things more than once.  This is a movie that I have watched over and over.  This version fallows the book more closely than the 2005 version

Colin Firth with forever be Mr. Darcy in my mind.  In fact the role he played in the Bridget Jones Diary is slightly reminiscent of Mr. Darcy. 

Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book.  Jane Austen is my favorite character.  She was such a brilliant author, her characters so complicated yet simple at the same time.  

Love. Love. Love it.

I may watch it soon.

PS- Sorry I am 3 days behind on my 15 Day Challenge...

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