Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 6: [15 Day Challenge]

Day 6: Any job in the entire world and why?

I have always been interested in the "parts to the whole." I started as a Genetics major - uh.. NO! Then moved on to Psychology - Statistics? uh, NO!  Then on to Art History - BO-RING!  

Interior Design for me is a big puzzle.  My dad was a residential contractor so I fell in love with old homes and the history they represent. I should have gone to work for him when I graduated {sniff.. sniff}.  I quickly realized that residential clients are... challenging.... so I went to work commercially {not designing commercials, design for non residential clients}. 

Two dream jobs: 
{One} Super dream job. 
Design for Disney.  
I would design hotels and restaurants  AKA hospitality design.  I would design for the parks.  I would design the paper cups you get your Coke out of. 
Bottom line, I believe in what they are selling.  An experience.  A whole package design/life experience.  I follow along with their principle that the details make or break the design. 

{Two} Realistic dream job. 
Design residential house plans for a builder.  I feel most comfortable with this job.  I can get lost in making the floor plan work.  In this instance, I would not be tortured by a residential client, so long as I had the Builder as a buffer to explain that design time cost money and crazy designs are expensive to build.

Oh yeah and an event planner would really fun too! Kind of a mix between the previous two, but much more risk financially.

Decisions Decisions... 


  1. That would be awesome to work for Disney, who knows! It may just happen!

  2. Designing for Disney would be awesome!! I have a few friends that work for Disney, and they love it.