Monday, September 19, 2011

Finally! Fall TV is Here!

It feels like it has been the longest summer EVER!  I have just been chomping at the bit waiting for Fall TV to show back up. We have a pretty extensive TV schedule in the DeWitt Household.  Behold the Magic....

You will definitely have to click on it to see it larger.  This list is pretty comprehensive of my high school and college days.  It is always comprehensive of Ryan's shows as well, but I can't help it that his weird SyFy shows always get cancelled and don't get to stay on the list long.  I will never give up One Tree Hill.  It will probably even stay on the list, just lined through like Smallville.  I just can't bear to hit delete.

As you can see, my Mondays and Tuesdays are a bit tight.  I even have some overbooking {shown in red} that I am avoiding until it is abolutely necessary to make the choice. I probably will wait until Ryan is hollering from the living room, into the kitchen where I slap together some crap for dinner slave over the stove for gourmet meals, that the DVR is telling him that he must make a choice or nothing within that hour will record.  I feel like if I make a snap decision is it less painful than a long drawn out thought process over which to give up.  I have recently been considering streaming Netflix for some of these issues, but my budget is also as tight as my Monday/Tuesday nights, and furthermore it seems like the CEO of that company doesn't quite have it together these days, so I think I'll wait a while. 

You may also notice that my Saturdays are completely empty.  Is this a ploy by the production companies to make to go out and shop? Do chores? Well, whatever their problem, I just use it to catch up on all that is on the DVR, cause heaven knows I can't sit around and watch TV all night in the week!  

I am willing to take a few suggestions to help fill my Sunday and Friday timeslots.  I pay a lot for cable and I make it work overtime.  I don't get PAID overtime, myself, but I remember what it was like.  You have to work hard to get ahead.... but all it seems I will be doing it watching TV and perhaps blogging about it... huumm....  Anyhoo, suggestions welcome for any of my open timeslots.  Remember that I can record two things at once and watch another in the back room. Oh, and I don't have any premium channels. {No overtime pay, remember?} Plus, I watched Camelot and Game of Thrones this summer, while I had premiums free, and it seems like HBO thinks they are welcome to show me all the private parts they want, regardless of if it is pertinent to the storyline. I am not a shy person, but I was embarrassed to watch some of that with my husband.. and if you know me, you know that takes a lot of private parts and private expressions {if you know what I mean}. 

Also make note of missing information.  I don't have as much time on my hands as I used to... producing and rearing offspring has taken up much of my free time {whatever that means}.  SO.. if you have any of that information stored in your brain, do feel free to share...

Happy Television Watching!!  

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  1. OMG my nights are full too.
    Monday: Hawaii 5-0 and The Playboy club
    Tuesday: Glee!!, Top shot and NICS
    Wednesday: Modern Family and Revenge
    Thursday: Vampire Diaries and Bones
    Friday: Supernatural
    I love Fall!