Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 9: [15 Day Challenge]

Day 9: Describe someone who fascinates you. 

I don't quite know if I have an answer to this.  I could go all corny like and say my son or my husband, but I think that's expected and forced.  Not that I don't love them to pieces.

It would be less forced to say that some actor or actress fascinates me, but that seems kind of teenage/mid-twenty like... and well, I'm well on my way to being thirty...  so, I guess that isn't allowed. 

Although I will say that Patrick Jane from the Mentalist (played by Simon Baker) is quite fascinating.  He's multi-dimensional and I love his knack for understanding and manipulating the human psyche. 

See how contemplative he looks?
Who is Patrick Jane, and why did he ask you about Miles Thorsen? These are the sorts of questions that plague sufferers of OQD.
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There are others.
People with great skills.
People with skills I want.
People who I can't stop thinking about.

Authors like Jane Austen.  Ryan Gosling, need I go into why?  My friend Brittani with her fantastic sense of humor.  My officemate Nick who can conjure up a song from long, long ago at a moments notice.  People from my past, who will remain nameless, whose intellectual conversations leave me thinking about those words for days.  Kellie, Callen's babysitter, who makes it through 5 days a week with 5 children under 5. 

Ok. So not very deep and meaningful, but there you have it.


  1. You're totally allowed to use a celebrity! I just couldn't decide between my cat and Matthew Inman, but I just cleaned my computer and put all my photographs of Chloe on my external hard drive, so I went with The Oatmeal. :)

  2. it was hard to think of someone but in order for me to complete the day i decided to pick dd :).

  3. what about me for being so incredably awesome 24/7....